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Braided Dog Toys


You know we like to use every last scrap of whatever we have, right?  Our small fleece scraps go into our pillows and cuddlebuddies.  Our wood scraps become chew toy pieces!  And our larger fleece scraps become braided dog toys! 

These dog toys are made of 100% fleece and are knotted at each end.  They can be used as tug toys, to/ys to throw for your dogs, or however your dogs like to play with them!

We currently have the following available (from left to right in the picture):

Double braided rope toy -- white, red, dark blue (made from baseball fleece) -- 10" long

Gold braided rope toy -- gold -- 18.5" long 

Blue / black / white / yellow rope toy -- 14.5" long 

Purple / blue / white rope toy -- 24.5" long

Lime rope toy -- 18.5" long 

Red / green / blue rope toy -- 25" long 

These dog toys are $1 each, and as always, all proceeds benefit our rescue animals!  Please select from the drop down menu which toy you would like! 

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