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The "Chin-Room"

Our chinchilla room used to be in the basement because of the lower temperatures and the ease of clean-up... Now at the farm, the chinchillas have their own chinchilla barn!


Picture from a few years ago---  


Want to see how we evolved? Visit our "History of the Chin-Room" page.

Above are pictures are most of our set-up. We have switched over to mostly Ferret Nation and Critter Nation cages, with the additional cages kept being mostly Quality Cages and Martins Cages.

For the most part, the cages are lined up against the wall, with supplies on the shelves under the FNs/CN. We have more supplies in a shelf-unit off to the right (pictured to the left).  This is only a small sampling of our supplies!  We have oodles of supplies... everywhere!

We also have a pop-up playpen that we use for letting some of the rescue chinchillas out for playtime, as time allows.

Below are pics (top and bottom) of our FN and CN cages that we use for our rescue chins :)

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