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Supplies Needed for a Chinchilla (w/ Price Comparison)

When adding a chinchilla to the family, expect to spend at least $150-200 on the chinchilla, cage, and accessories, if you do not already have the necessary supplies.

Here is a breakdown of the supplies you will need for a chinchilla, as well as what those supplies will cost you, both here at NWI and at petstores. Pet store prices were gathered at Petsmart and Petco on 3/6/2019

The numbers below are totals of all of the above items (including 5 pounds each of food, dust, hay, and hay cubes) from their respective locations.

                                                    $214.25 - $317.25                                       $391.42 - $643.07                                               $425.31 - $569.71

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