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Custom Creations

Do you have an idea for something you want made out of wood, but don't want to give it a shot yourself? We're more than happy to give it a try! We've made custom hidey houses for people, litter boxes, birthday cakes, hay holders, custom cages / cage interiors, bridges, and more! Some of these items have been such big hits that we now offer them all the time!

Custom items typically start at $15.00 and go up. Cost depends on the complexity, supplies / wood / etc. used, and time required to make the custom item. If your item requires hardware to attach to the side of the cage, hardware is an additional $2.00 for two bolts / attachment hardware.

We require that a Custom Item Contract (click to download / view) is filled out before work begins on any requested custom items. A deposit in the amount of 50% of the estimated final price is required at the time of signing. These steps are taken to protect the time and resources spent by NWI Chinchillas.

If you are looking to get a custom item made, please contact us at with your request.


Below are some examples of custom items we have made in the past. We've made quite a bit more custom items than this, we just don't always think to take a picture! Contact us with anything you might want made!

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