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Chins listed on this page:

  • Feebee -- 2-4 year old standard grey female chinchilla -- no little kids -- dob 2015-2017 -- SPONSORED!! -- fostered in Newton County / Lake Village, IN
  • Rey -- 2.5 year old standard grey female chinchilla -- dob 2016 -- fostered in Streamwood, IL
  • 5 month old violet male chinchilla -- dob 1/24/19
  • 5 month old brown velvet male chinchilla -- dob 1/26/19

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5 Month Old Brown Velvet Male Chinchilla 

We have a brown velvet male chinchilla who’s looking for his new home. He came to NWI just a bit ago, and we have down that he was born around 1/26/19, which makes him right around 5 months old – a great time to make him an addition to your home!

His color is called brown velvet, which is a chocolate-y brown color over his back, with a white belly. Brown velvets aren’t a color you come across all the time, so he’s something unique!

This boy has energy for days! He is active and likes to check out everything he can! He can be a little talkative when you interact with him or go to pick him up, but rest assured, he’s actually a sweetie at heart! He does pretty well with being handled and petted, though he will continue to talk to you while you’re handling him! He’s a comedian! Lol. More on the active side, but he can definitely be handled. Sweet boy, doesn’t bite.

He would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had one before, as long as they understand that he is more of an active chinchilla.

This chinchilla is currently caged alone. If you interested in pairing him up with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The adoption fee for this brown velvet male chinchilla is $225

5 Month Old Violet Male Chinchilla 

We have a violet male chinchilla that is looking for his new home. He came to NWI a bit ago, and we estimate he was born around 1/24/19. This makes him right around 5 months old, and now is a great time for him to go to his new home and bond with his new family.

This male’s color is called violet. This means that he is a purplish grey color, with a white belly.

He is a very curious boy and loves to check everything out! He is super friendly and will come right to the front of the cage to see what you’re doing. He’s relatively easy to scoop up into your arms and he does well with being handled and petted. He likes being held a bit closer to your body, no dangling in mid-air for this furball! On occasion, he can take a moment to settle down when you’re holding him, but when he does he is just super sweet. Doesn’t bite.

This chinchilla is currently living alone, and we do not know if he gets along with other chinchillas. If you are curious as to whether he might get along with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

This chinchilla would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had chinchillas before.

The adoption fee for this violet male chinchilla is $250

2.5 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla -- "Rey"

Please note: Rey is currently living at a foster home in Streamwood, so that we can learn more about her personality!  She can be adopted out directly from her adoptive home, or can be brought back to the rescue (in Hammond, IN) to be adopted as well.  Please allow time for transport and for setting appointments.  Thank you for your understanding!

We have a standard grey female chinchilla that is looking for her new home. Her name is Rey! She came in to the rescue with another chinchilla (caged separately), when their human mom became homeless. Initially, she human mom had someone who could watch the chins temporarily, but when that fell through, they came here to us, so we could find them a good home.

We have down that Rey was born in August 2016, which makes her 2.5 years old. Great time to take her home.

Rey’s color is called standard grey, which is the classic color in chinchillas – a greyish color over his back, with a white belly.

If you have seen Rey’s ad before, please read again! She is now in a foster home and we have updates on her personality! Here’s what her foster home has to say about her:

“Rey has been settling in and has been more familiar with coming up to sniff my hand when I put my palm up in her cage. Rey likes to be rubbed / scratched on her forehead and under her chin! She enjoys chewing her wood sticks, but isn’t a fan of her hammock. She is most active in the morning, around 6 am.”

From her time spent here at the rescue, we can tell you that Rey is a very curious girl. She thinks her best pose is standing up on her hind legs, as you can see in her pictures! She’s a sweet girl, relatively easy to pick up… but there’s more exciting things than chilling with you forever. How about playtime?? When you are holding her, she prefers a looser grip, and with that sort of handling, she will hang with you for a bit longer. She would likely enjoy playtime with the amount of energy that she has. And ooh those scratches! That’s how you’re going to win her over. Sweet girl, doesn’t bite.

The adoption fee for Rey is $75

Pics of Rey at her Foster Home:

2-4 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla -- "Feebee"

Feebee has a sponsor!!  She is being sponsored by Lisa M. until 7/10/19!!  If you're curious about or interested in sponsoring a chinchilla, contact us for more info!  Sponsoring is available as an option on the webstore, and you can choose a chinchilla to sponsor! 

We have a standard grey female chinchilla that is looking for her new home. Her name is Feebee! She came to NWI back in the fall 2018, and unfortunately her previous owners adopted her from a pet store as an adult, so we don’t have an exact age on her. Based on what they told us and our knowledge, we estimate that she is between 2-4 years old, and was born between 2015 and 2017.

Please note: Feebee is currently being fostered in Newton County / Lake Village, Indiana.  She can be adopted either directly from her foster home or from the rescue here in Hammond.  Please allow time both to make appointments to see her and to allow for transport.  We thank you for your understanding!

Feebee’s color is called standard grey, which is the classic color in chinchillas – a greyish color over his back, with a white belly.

This is what Feebee’s previous home had to say about her, and tells you a bit about her history:

She was surrendered to a pet shop in Kendalville, Indiana about a year prior to us receiving her. She had lived with a family who had her and her sister, but her sister was given to someone else. So she was separated prior to the pet shop. She was not handled regularly. We then got her about a year ago, then started handling her regularly. She likes being held, she never bit any of us, she does sometime yell at us or on occasion she did pee on my husband prior to getting to know him. Our girls ages 2 & 3 reach in and pet her daily, and she never even yells at them. She loves having her head scratched, and she does love nose to nose contact with our dogs through the cage. We used to let her out of her cage every evening to run around the house. Then she’d just run back into her cage.

We moved into a different house that’s under a ton of renovations so it’s no longer safe for her to run free. And we now have a new baby at home. Our lives have just made too many changes, and we no longer have a space to keep her cage. I feel bad getting rid of her but she deserves a different environment where people are around to give her attention. And maybe a companion.


The first thing that I need to tell you about Feebee is that the resting bitch face that you see on her photos is very real! She really always has that sort of peeved-off look! Well, except when she’s sleeping. Then she looks like the most serene, peaceful chin ever…until she wakes up. Feebee is exceptionally talkative. She LOVES to talk to you, and talk back to you, and bark at you. Even though the previous home was able to reach right in and pet her, she hasn’t warmed up to us quite that much yet, and will bark if you reach in for her. She has stood up and threatened to spray (but never has… yet) when we go to reach for her, so what they said about her peeing on the husband is definitely still a possibility, probably even moreso if she’s not used to you. She may just prefer a calmer, more stable environment than being here at the rescue, as she hasn’t seemed to settle in very well here, but that may be very different in an actual home. The one thing I can say is that she’s all bark and no bite – she has NEVER bitten and NEVER sprayed… she just threatens. We don’t push her past what she’s comfortable, though we have definitely picked her up and held her. And actually, low and behold, when you’re holding her, she is actually very sweet! She does pretty well with being handled and petted, you just need to get past that tough exterior first. When you’re holding her, she seems to enjoy getting scratched behind her ears.

She LOVES her hidey house, and we always joke that when her head pokes out, she looks like a mounted deer-head. Her hidey house will come with her to her new home so she has something familiar and sort of like a security blanket.

Because of the barking, slow-settling-in, and threatening spraying, we would not advise she go to a home with little kids. Older teens and older people in the household only, for her sanity and yours. She’s probably not a chin for a first-time owner, unless you are not easily intimidated and are willing to put in the time with her. We feel she’s probably very sweet on the inside… but you just have to get through the prickly exterior and resting bitch face first…

Feebee has recently been moved to a foster home!  Here's what her foster home has to say about her:

“Feebee is doing decent at adjusting. She likes her neck scratched, but does bark at you while doing it. She leans in a little harder (showing that she likes it!) despite complaints. She is doing much better at starting to take treats from us. She really doesn’t hide anymore and stays out where we can see her a lot. And she likes to watch all of us. She LOVES rosehips as her preferred treat. She likes her hammock, but doesn’t spend a ridiculously amount of time in it. When she first came here, she did stay in her house quite a bit, though as she’s adjusted, that has lessened significantly. Her new home will definitely want to have it to help her with her initial transition period, as she will need that security / comfort (at least initially) at her new home.”

The adoption fee for Feebee is $75

Pics of Feebee in her foster home:

Pics of Feebee here at the rescue:

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