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Available Chins 3

Chins listed on this page:

9 month old predominantly white mosaic Royal Persian Angora (RPA) male chinchilla -- born 8/19/23

"Chico" -- 11+ year old standard grey male chinchilla -- furchewer -- born 2013 or earlier

"Mochi" & "Maru" -- 7 year old siblings -- white mosaic female & standard grey *neutered* male chinchillas -- born 10/2016

Chinchillas Currently Pending

--these animals may/may not be up for adoption in the future; if interested, please contact--

none at this time

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Want to put down a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold a chinchilla? You can!

For deposits, we accept:

paypal --

venmo -- @Ashley-Gajda

cashapp -- $AshleyGajda

zelle -- 219-789-0026

We can also take credit / debit cards. Please call to place a deposit via credit card.

If you have *not* talked with us prior to placing a deposit, please make a note with your deposit about which chinchilla you're wanting to hold, as well as a phone number / email where you can be reached (or simply, reach out to us!).

This page updated: 5/13/24


White mosaic female chinchilla & standard grey *neutered* male chinchilla -- Mochi (female) & Maru (male)


Born 10/2016 -- 7 years old

Sweet chins!

Maru is the more outgoing one, Mochi is more shy and reserved

Maru will come right to the front of the cage to check everything out!  Super friendly boy!

Both do decent with being handled and petted... Maru does better and prefers it more, whereas Mochi is more squirmy and moreso tolerates it

Previous home stated that both enjoy playtime!

Love their treats -- especially oats & hawthorn berries

Really enjoy shredding toys like bamboo shredders & willow balls

Both relatively easy to scoop up, though Mochi needs to warm up a bit before she comes out of her house

Adoption fee -- $350 CASH / $385 CARD OR ELECTRONIC  PAYMENT


Standard grey male chinchilla -- "Chico"


Born 2013 or earlier -- 11+ years old

**Chico can go to his new home with his decked out Double Critter Nation Cage (pictured) for an additional fee.  If interested in Chico+his-cage-bundle, we will also throw in some additional ledges & goodies.  Inquire for more info.**

**Chico takes awhile to settle into his new home, and has absolutely no issues with being intimidating, barking, and occasionally lunging at anyone in his space.  He has never bitten, but he can definitely be intimidating.  This boy is not appropriate for a home with children any younger than brave teenagers (if not all adults).  Chico would likely do best in an adult-only hold that doesn't stress him out too much (we wouldn't suggest pairing him).  He's already a fur-chewer when being left alone to his own devices, so let's not add to his stress!**

**Chico enjoys the occasional goji berry, hawthorn berries, and rosehips (which can be given much more frequently) and will snatch them right out of your hand!**

Not too difficult to pick up, assuming you are smarter than a 1-pound-ball-of-fluff-that's-acting-initimdating

Actually pretty sweet when you're holding him (you just gotta ignore the "before" behavior)

Will chill with you for short periods of time

Does enjoy scratches behind the ears!

Adoption fee -- $100 CASH / $110 CARD OR ELECTRONIC PAYMENT (not including cage)


Predominantly white Royal Persian Angora (RPA) male chinchilla

Born 8/19/23 -- 9 months old

**this boy received a 2nd Place in his class at the MCBA National Chinchilla Show in March 2024**

**pictures and personality description updated on 5/13/24**

Curious and likes to check things out

Relatively easy to scoop up into your arms

Does alright with being handled and petted, just more on the active side

Likes to check you out while being handled

Sweet boy

Would probably enjoy an active home with playtime or maybe a wheel


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