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  • 4 month old hetero beige male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 7/12/18
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  • 5 month old extra dark ebony female chinchilla -- dob 7/11/18 -- available soon

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4 Month Old Hetero Beige Male Chinchilla Kit (Baby)

We have a hetero beige male chinchilla that is looking for his new home. He came to NWI a bit ago, and we have down that he was born around 7/12/18. This makes him right around 4 months old, and now is a perfect time for you to take him home and make him part of your family!

This boy’s color is called hetero beige, which is the darker of the two beige colors in chinchillas. It is a beigeish / brown color over his back, with a white belly. Doesn’t he have the cutest expression?

This boy is a bit more on the active side. Despite that, he’s not at all hard to pick up and definitely can be handled and petted… that’s just not his goal in life and he can be a bit squirmy at times. He would likely LOVE playtime when he is old enough. He seems to do well with other chins, as we’ve had a few opportunities to see if he’d like a buddy. No one has taken him home yet, but he has gotten along with the other chins in both instances and loves to popcorn around with his new buddy. It’s absolutely adorable! He doesn’t bite.

This chinchilla is currently living alone, though he should get along with most chins. If you are curious as to whether he might get along with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

This chinchilla would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had chinchillas before, as long as they understand that he’s a bit more on the active side.

The adoption fee for this hetero beige male chinchilla kit (baby) is $150

5 Month Old Extra Dark Ebony Female Chinchilla 

Please note: this chinchilla is not available yet, but will be available soon!

Date of birth: 7/11/18

In one phrase: energetic little ball of fire.  Probably super fun for playtime.  Actually not that hard to pick up and does settle down while being held.  Does well with being handled and petted.  Chills down considerably in your arms but a bouncy ball otherwise.  Very nice girl, seems to enjoy being handled, at least for short periods of time.  Doesn't bite.

---more info coming soon---

Adoption fee: $250