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  • Enzo -- 10 month old black hooded male rat -- dob 11/2018
  • Elijah -- 10 month old black berkshire male rat -- dob 11/2018

Care Packet and Adoption Form for the above guinea pigs can be found here --> Guinea Pig Documents Page

Care Packet and Adoption Form for the above rats can be found here --> Rat Documents Page

10 Month Old Male Rats -- Not Living Together /  Adoptable Separately -- "Enzo," "Elijah"

We have several young rats that are looking for their forever homes. We got in four rats a bit ago that are brothers. Unfortunately, they do not get along, so they are all living separately. We were told they were born in November 2018, which makes them 10 months old. Great time to take them home!

These four rats are all males. Three are black hoodeds, and the fourth is a black Berkshire. They are all top-eared, no dumbo ears, sorry. Meet Damon, Enzo, Elijah (black berk), and Klaus!  Damon and Klaus have been adopted, but the other boys are still available!

These rats are all super sweet – you open the cage and they are all dying to come out and crawl right into your hands. They are all very sweet and curious, and the reason there’s not a million pics of them is because the second they see you, they want to come over to you and see what you’re doing and be right there with you! These boys are all very sweet and nice, you can tell they’ve been handled and can be very cuddly. None have ever bitten.

As with all our rescues, these rats will come with some food to start you out (lab blocks) and a printed out version of our rat care packet. We also have additional supplies for sale -- many of the things we sell for chinchillas work great with rats as well (they like the hidey houses, the hammocks, and so on), and we also sell lab blocks at $1/pound.

Need a cage to go with your new pet rat? Each of these rats has their own cage that can be bought with them, and we do have some other cages that could work for rats. Please ask to see what we have available!

Adopt any of these boys for $15!

Enzo pics:

Elijah pics: