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  • 8 month old hetero beige male chinchilla -- dob 4/29/19
  • Henry (formerly Rick) -- 6.5 year old standard grey male chinchilla -- dob 6/2013

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6.5 Year Old Standard Grey Male Chinchilla -- "Henry" (formerly Rick)

We have a standard grey male chinchilla that is looking for his new home. His name is Henry (formerly known as Rick)! Henry came to our rescue when his owner no longer was able to care for him. He’s spent some time here at the rescue, but since he was not settling in well, he has been transferred to one of our foster homes in Chicago, IL, where he is blossoming! This foster home re-named him Henry, though of course, you can name him whatever you like. We were told that Henry was born around 6/2013, which makes him 6.5 years old!

Henry’s color is called standard grey, which means he is the classic salt and pepper chinchilla color over his back and much of his body, with a white belly.

Here’s what Henry’s foster home has to say about him:

Henry is a very vibrant and energetic chinchilla. He loves to cuddle and play outside his house with his humans in a safe play space. He’ll need to go to a home that has the time and energy to devote to him and he’ll require a chin spin (wheel) for his extra energy. Since he seems to love human interaction, I’ve found that he is happiest when at the very least I give him scritches when I walk by and spend a few minutes with him on a consistent basis. He’s really good at begging for attention with this super adorable face (he wins 9 times out of 10)! He’s been good with children 7 and up.

Henry has never bitten anyone.

Because he did not do well at the rescue, Henry will need a quiet-er home with less hustle and bustle going on. He would not do well in an overly busy household.

Please note: Henry is currently living with one of our foster homes in Chicago, IL. He can be adopted directly from the foster home, or he can come back to the rescue to be adopted. Please allow for time to set up transportation if you are interested in this little cutie!

The adoption fee for Henry is $75

8 Month Old Hetero Beige Male Chinchilla

We have a hetero beige male chinchilla that is looking for his new home. He came to NWI a bit ago, and we have down that he was born around 4/29/19. This makes him right around 8 months old, and now is a perfect time for you to take him home and make him part of your family!

This boy’s color is called hetero beige, which is the darker of the two beige colors in chinchillas. It is a beigeish / brown color over his back, with a white belly.

This chinchilla is a sweet boy. He is super easy to pick up and he does well with being handled and petted. He has some energy, but isn’t overly energetic and will sit in your hands and let you pet him with relative ease. Very sweet boy, doesn’t bite. He’s old enough for playtime, so if that’s something you want to do, this one is good to go!

Unfortunately, this chinchilla does not like other chinchillas, at least, not the other chinchillas we have here. We would recommend that he goes to a home where he will be caged alone. Other chinchillas can be around him, but he does not like roommates.

This chinchilla would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had chinchillas before.

The adoption fee for this beige male chinchilla is $150

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