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  • Cricket -- 4 year old hetero beige female chinchilla -- dob 3/14/2016

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4 Year Old Hetero Beige Female Chinchilla -- "Cricket"

We have a hetero beige female chinchilla who’s looking for her new home. She came to NWI just a bit ago, and is now ready to leave and go to a family of her own. Her name is Cricket! Cricket was born 3/14/2016, which means she’s just recently turned four years old!

Her color is called hetero beige, which is the darker of the two beige colors in chinchillas. The pictures aren’t the greatest representation of her color, she looks a bit more beige-y in person (like the photos on the BOTTOM).

Cricket is, like her name, energetic! She does ok with handling, though she would much prefer to be out and having playtime. Of course, right, cause that’s more fun. While she has never bitten, she has sprayed on occasion, when she felt threatened.

Here’s what one of our volunteers has to say about her: “She is skittish but sweet. Energetic and not a huge fan of being held.”

This chinchilla is currently caged alone. However, if you interested in pairing her up with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The adoption fee for Cricket is $100

Chinchillas & Critters ON HOLD

Almost 8 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla -- "Clarice"

Please note: Clarice is on hold w/ deposit for Caroline & Margaret B.

We have a standard grey female chinchilla that is looking for her new home. Her name is Clarice! We have down that she was born 5/24/2012, which means she’s almost 8 years old! Great time to take her home.

This girl’s color is called standard grey, which means she has a salt and pepper coloring over her back, with a white belly. The classic color in chinchillas.

Clarice is a really outgoing and energetic girl. She will be the first to check out new things and the first to the front of the cage. She’s super easy to scoop up into you arms, because to her, that’s just something new to explore! She wants to keep exploring though, so she prefers a looser grip when held, and isn’t really the snuggly type. She would probably enjoy playtime as she really does love checking out new things and moving around, rather than just chilling in one place all the time. She can be held and petted, though she can be a bit squirmy when she wants to get down and explore…being a couch potato just isn’t her goal in life! She doesn’t bite.

We do not know whether or not this chinchilla gets along with others. If you are curious about whether she might get along with one of our, or one of your, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

This chinchilla would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had chinchillas before, provided they understand that she is a bit more on the energetic side, and isn’t going to enjoy extensive handling.

The adoption fee for Clarice is $75

Please note: Clarice is on hold w/ deposit for Caroline & Margaret B.