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Available Pets -- Master List

Want to see the huge list of everything that's here without scrolling through all the pages?  Here ya go!  

Available Chinchillas 

  • Livia (mom, missing part of foot) & Miracle (daughter) -- hetero beige pair of female chinchillas -- dob unknown (Livia) & 4/2017 (Miracle) -- fostered in Dubuque, Iowa -- listed on Available Chins 1
  • Cricket -- 4 year old hetero beige female chinchilla -- may spray -- dob 3/14/2016 -- listed on Available Chins 2
  • 3.5 month old black velvet male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 2/17/20 -- listed on Available Chins 1

Available Critters (Guinea Pigs, Rats, and MORE!)

Please note, these animals are listed on the Available Critters pages! ---> Available Critters & Available Critters 2

  • none at this time

Chinchillas & Critters Under Evaluation

Please note, the animals in this list are not yet available, but hopefully they will be soon!

  • Pichu and Raichu -- pair of 2.5 year old grey and beige female chinchillas -- dob 6/2017 -- available after 6/3
  • Sybil -- 3.5 year old standard grey female chinchilla -- kills other chinchillas -- dob 12/1/2016 -- available soon
  • 5 month old white mosaic female chinchilla -- dob 1/1/20 -- available soon
  • 5 month old standard grey female chinchilla -- missing front leg -- dob 1/5/20 -- available soon
  • 2.5 month old hetero beige male chinchilla -- dob 3/17/20 -- available soon

Chinchillas & Critters Pending Adoption

Please note that animals in this section either have a deposit / deposit pending, or have been paid for.  They are going home soon!  Occasionally (though rarely), an animal in this section may become available for adoption again in the future.

  • none at this time

If you are interested in one of the chinchillas listed above, please read our sales policy on the "Chinchilla Sales Policy" page as well as the Adoption Info page, and contact us at or 219-789-0026 (please leave a message) -- we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Don't see the chinchilla you were hoping for?  Let us know!  We can reach out and see if anyone we know may have what you are looking for.  Of course, feel free to check back often as well, as our list of chinchillas and critters changes frequently!