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  • Terry -- 6 month old American crested male guinea pig -- agouti / red / white -- dob 9/26/19
  • Curly -- 6 month old Abyssinian male guinea pig -- red & black -- dob 9/26/19
  • 8 week old American male guinea pig -- black / red / white blaze -- dob 1/26/19
  • 8 week old American male guinea pig -- dark agouti / red -- dob 1/26/19
  • 8 week old American crested male guinea pig -- agouti / red / white -- dob 1/26/19
  • Autumn & Minnie -- **UPDATED INFO & PICS!!** -- pair of agouti / white (Autumn) & white / agouti (Minnie) American female guinea pigs -- fostered in Chicago, IL -- dob 10/2017

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Care Packet and Adoption Form for the above guinea pigs can be found here --> Guinea Pig Documents Page

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Care Packet and Adoption Form for the above rats can be found here --> Rat Documents Page

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2.5 Year Old Pair of American Female Guinea Pigs -- "Autumn" & "Minnie"

We have a pair of female guinea pigs looking for their forever home. Their names are Autumn & Minnie! These girls came to the rescue a bit ago and they are now ready to find their new home!

Autumn is the (mostly) agouti and white American guinea pig, and Minnie is the mostly white with agouti American guinea pig. We have down that they are about 2.5 years old, and were born around 10/2017. Great time to take them home!

Please note: These girls are being fostered by a great family in Chicago. They will be brought back to the rescue (in Hammond) to be adopted out.  Please allow for time to transport, should you be interested in adopting them.

Here is what their foster home has to say about them:

“They run away and hide when I come to the cage, but once I take them out, they’re really fun to play with, and like to walk around the house and explore. They are calm when I hold them. The brown one (Autumn) is a little more shy than the white one (Minnie), and less active and curious.

In another update, we learned...

"Autumn and Minnie are still a little shy.  When they see me by the cage they get scared and hide, but once I sit there for awhile they get used to me being there and go about their business without trying to hide.  Whenever I take them out of their cage to walk around, Autumn is always following Minnie.  When they are in their cage they spend most of their time in their hidey house and come out a few times to eat hay, pellets and drink water.  Minnie spends more time outside of the hidey house than Autumn.  They love to eat vegetables and it is always cute, and fun to watch them.  They like cucumbers the most."

We have trimmed their nails several times and they do just fine, though it is easier to do this with two people. Neither guinea pig has ever bitten.

These girls are living together and they can only be adopted out as a pair. Please do not email if you are only wanting to adopt one of them – on the other hand, check out our other listings, or ask us about other available guinea pigs! We do have some singles available!

Do you need a cage? We have multiple cages for sale, everything from smaller guinea pig cages to larger ones. We also have this type of cage (used) -- -- for $30.

The adoption fee for Autumn & Minnie is $40

Baby Male Guinea Pigs 

Please note: all of the above-listed male guinea pigs are currently housed together and are listed in this ONE listing.

We have several baby / young male guinea pigs that are looking for their new homes! We currently have two males that are estimated to be 6 months old (born around 9/26/19) and three males that are estimated to be about 2 months old (born around 1/26/20). These boys are currently all living together and are ready to go to their new homes!

The way these piggies came into the rescue was actually kind of a sad one. Their owner was fleeing domestic violence and went to live with family over by the west coast. She had to leave her guinea pigs here, and one of her friends took them on, temporarily, until she could find them a home. Unfortunately, that didn’t work as well as planned, and she also didn’t plan on having nearly this many guinea pigs, so there was only one cage… and the one guinea pig NOT in this bunch, who was a female… was Mom guinea pig. She tried to partition the cage and keep Mom separate, but unfortunately, that didn’t work all that well, so Mom is chilling in a cage of her own, looking very round at the moment. Apparently Dad passed away before we were contacted. All these guinea pigs (all 6) are Mom’s babies. These are two litters – the older two are an older litter… there were apparently more guinea pigs in the litter, but the people kept a few… and then she had the other litter, which is the four younger boys.

As you can see, there’s quite the variety in looks and colors here. We can only imagine what Dad looked like! The two older boys were named, and for sake of keeping everyone straight, we’ll keep the names for now (though you are welcome to change them). Terry is the agouti, red, and white American crested male. He’s the one with the white blaze going up his face which kind of looks like a T. Then we have Curly, who is the Abyssinian red and black guinea pig. When you look at his pics, he’s actually really neat! One side is mostly red, the other side mostly black, and his face and body are divided about down the middle to where the colors switch. Very neat looking.

The younger pigs don’t have names, but again, quite a bit of variety. The first is a black / red / white blaze American, the next is a dark agouti / red American, and the last is an agouti / red / white American crested.

These boys are very sweet, but shy. We have been handling them here since they came in, and they are doing better about not immediately running away… but they are your typical guinea pigs, in that you do need to catch them in order to love on them. They are very sweet and do well with handling and petting, just gotta catch them first! They love to hide in their igloos, but they come out for food, hay, and of course, veggies. When they are out of something, they are sure to let you know with their wheeks and cute little sounds! They LOVE their food and are not picky eaters whatsoever. We’re sure you can use the food to bribe them, and win them over to make them even more loveable and outgoing. None of these boys has ever bitten.

Adopt one of these guinea pigs for $35

Adopt two for $60

…inquire if you want to adopt more than two

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