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  • Shaggy & Scooby -- 1 year old pair of male guinea pigs -- dob March 2017

Care Packet and Adoption Form for the above guinea pigs can be found here --> Guinea Pig Documents Page

2 Year Old Pair of Male Guinea Pigs -- "Shaggy" & "Scooby"

We have a pair of male guinea pigs looking for their forever home. These guinea pigs are named Shaggy & Scooby. Shaggy and Scooby are 2 year old guinea pigs, we are told their birthdate was March of 2017, so they just turned 2! Happy birthday to them! They were family pets for a family with little kids, but unfortunately, when the parents went back to school and no longer had time to supervise the guinea pigs interacting with their little kids, they wanted a better home for them… so they came here! We are now looking for a home that will have time to dedicate to them.

Shaggy and Scooby are both male guinea pigs. As you may have guessed, Shaggy is the white guinea pig, and Scooby is the brown guinea pig. Shaggy is actually a white and black roan Abyssinian guinea pig, with those cute rosettes (swirls) all over his body, and Scooby is an English crested guinea pig – he is a brown agouti color with a white blaze up his face and some white markings on one shoulder as well.

These guinea pigs are very curious and friendly. Scooby is a bit of an enigma guinea pig, so his name fits him well! He is super outgoing and wants to come right up to the front of the cage to investigate… but then when you reach for him, he moves away. Because of this, he can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to catch, but he does great once you’re holding him in your arms! Scooby is the more laid back of the two, and is easier to catch. He also does great with being handled and petted and settles down nicely into your arms when being held.

We’re sure that spending time with these boys and giving them more attention will make them even MORE loveable (is that even possible?) and outgoing. You can definitely also win them over with yummy hay or veggies! Even without food, if you’re patient, even Scooby is curious and will eventually approach. They love to come to the front of the cage when they think you might have something tasty for them! They just LOVE their hay and veggies, and haven’t yet met anything that they’re not crazy about eating. Easy to please guinea pigs. They are super sweet. They do well with having their nails trimmed and love their igloos and hideaways. Neither of these guinea pigs have ever bitten anyone.

Shaggy & Scooby are a pair of guinea pigs and can ONLY be adopted out together into their new home. Please do not contact us and ask if you can only adopt one guinea pig – these two must go to their new home together.

These guinea pigs get along well with each other, but we make no guarantees as to whether they will get along with your guinea pig.

The adoption fee for Shaggy & Scooby is $40