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  • Ellie -- 2 Year Old Siamese Mini Satin Doe (Female) Rabbit -- unspayed -- dob March 2017 -- fostered in South Elgin, IL
  • 3 week old coturnix quail -- 6 males -- hatched 7/25/19

Care Packet and Adoption Form for the above guinea pigs can be found here --> Guinea Pig Documents Page

Care Packet and Adoption Form for the above rabbits can be found here --> Rabbit Documents Page

 3 Week Old Coturnix Quail 

Coturnix quail for sale. Fun little pets! They make cute little chirps and calls, they can be held and tamed if you like, or if not, they’re fun to watch!

These little quail are small so they can happily be kept in a guinea-pig type cage and are relatively low maintenance. Clean the cage once a week, replenish food and water as needed. Clean the water bowl (or use a quail waterer) now and then, and you’re good to go! They don’t ask for much! Our quails are raised on pine shavings, so no splay legs or anything like that, they walk / hop and they can fly as well. We only have a few adults, so these are all raised in home, no antibiotics, no nothing “bad,” just lots of love for the baby quails.

We only have males available at this time (6 of them). Males can be kept together as long as there’s no female in the bunch. This bunch was hatched 7/25, so they’ve recently turned 3 weeks old and they’re ready to go! The lifespan of a coturnix quail is 3-4 years, though some have lived as long as 6 years!

These cuties are $15 each, each additional quail add $10. They will come with some food to start you out.

If you want to get everything all at once, we do have some cages and other supplies that we could put together a starter pack for you. Price would depend on what all you want, and the size of the cage included, but probably add $30-50 for a complete set up. Happy to show pics if you’re interested.

Pictured are some of the quail we currently have available. You can come pick out your favorites!

2 Year Old Siamese Mini Satin Doe Rabbit -- "Ellie"

We have a female rabbit looking for her new home. Her name is Ellie.

Please read this ENTIRE ad before responding.

Please note: Ellie is currently being fostered in South Elgin, IL. Due to the fact that rabbits are illegal to own in Hammond, IN, we cannot bring her back to the rescue for adoption, and so, she will need to be adopted out directly from her foster home. If you are unable to travel to South Elgin to adopt, please look elsewhere.

Ellie’s foster home / mom has this all to say about her:

“Ellie is an unspayed Siamese mini Satin rabbit, a little over 2 years old (birthdate March 2017). She weighs about 4-5 pounds. She is a creamy white color with the "points" of her body (nose, ears, paws) being a chocolately brown color much like a siamese cat. Ellie is not spayed. She has never had any health issues, only visited the vet once when she was young for a checkup. She does well when taken for nail trims.

Ellie has an exercise pen available to her at all times. This is a must for her new home! She loves to run around in her x-pen. She enjoys rolling around jingly cat bells, flipping around plastic yogurt cups, tossing around metal jar lids, and playing with wooden sticks. Ellie also has a handmade fleece dig mat that we hide treats in for her to sniff and find. She has a plastic tub we fill with newspaper strips that she likes digging in and carrying the strips around her exercise pen. She has a fleece "forest" she loves to hide in and a crinkly cat tunnel she runs in and out of. She explores new toys quickly and loves an enriching environment. Ellie also has an enclosed cage available to her in her pen. Her cage houses her metal litter pan, food bowl, hay bowl and water bottle.

Ellie eats Oxbow Essentials rabbit food, timothy hay, and a handful of "spring mix" lettuce mix every day. She LOVES spring mix. She has also tried spinach, parsley, cilantro, romaine with not as much enthusiasm. She is not a fan of fruit.

Ellie is defensive about her cage. We have learned to only clean the cage when she is not in it. (It's easy to tempt her out of the cage with treats or lettuce.) She has bitten once due to not following this rule. She is a bit nibbley of people in her exercise pen, I think this is due to our cats invading her space. I think that particular behavior may stop in a cat-free home. She does very much enjoy to be petted (often "melts" into a bunny puddle when we pet her). She squirms a smidge when physically picked up, but once she is held and secure in your arms, she absolutely looooves snuggles.

Ellie comes with: large cage, metal litter pans, food bowl, hay bowl, water bottle, toys (cat balls, keys, yogurt cups), homemade fleece "dig mat", plastic dig tub (for shredded newspaper), fleece forest, cat crinkle tunnel, any/all remaining food, treats, bedding.”

Please note that she DOES NOT come with an exercise pen, so you will be required to have a decent sized one of your own, and show pictures of your x-pen as proof of cage.

Ellie has always been housed by herself, so we are unsure how she does with other rabbits.

Regardless of past rabbit experience, all potential homes will be asked to read our rabbit care packet and fill out our adoption form. If you are unwilling to do this, please do not waste our time or yours. No rabbit will go to a new home without an adoption application being filled out - no exceptions.

Ellie is being fostered in South Elgin, Illinois. She will need to be picked up directly from her foster home, after all paperwork is completed.

Please note: if you live in Hammond, Indiana, you will be unable to adopt, as rabbits are illegal to own in Hammond. Please note also that this rabbit is NOT at our location in Hammond, but is being fostered in South Elgin, IL.

The adoption fee for Ellie and all her stuff is $75. All you’ll need to provide is an x-pen!