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  • Boomer & Neo -- pair of 1 & 1.5 year old male guinea pigs -- lilac & white American (Boomer) & white / cream / black American crested (Neo) -- dob 4/2018 (Boomer) & 1/2019 (Neo)
  • Fluffy -- 4.5 year old female genetic stripe red tail boa constrictor (snake) -- dob 6/2015

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Care Packet and Adoption Form for the above guinea pigs can be found here --> Guinea Pig Documents Page

Care Packet and Adoption Form for the above rabbits can be found here --> Rabbit Documents Page

Care Packet and Adoption Form for the above rats can be found here --> Rat Documents Page

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4.5 Year Old Female Genetic Stripe Red Tail Boa Constrictor (snake) -- "Fluffy"

We have a female genetic stripe red tail boa constrictor up for adoption, named Fluffy. We got her into our rescue back in June of 2018. You can read up about her when we got her in on our blog post here --

Based off what the owner told us, we believe she was hatched about 6/2015, which would now make her about 4.5 years old. She’s not as large as you’d expect for her age (see the blog post for why this may be), but she eats well and is doing great. Still growing!

As far as eating, she is a pretty easy keeper, but she is definitely not for the beginner snake keeper. Like many red tails, she is temperamental. Temperamental snake experience is a big plus! On occasion, she will strike when you walk in front of her enclosure (we have it on the ground). She occasionally has also striked when I’ve moved her light, getting the top of the tank. She has never had a problem with being handled, or with hands actually in the enclosure, but I will admit that as she has gotten more strike-y, I have used the snake hook that the previous owner included much more. She HAS escaped a tank recently with a hinged lid, so her new home needs to be sure she is in a secure enclosure. When we found her slithering around the house, she did hiss, though did not strike or anything like that when we went to put her back. She is currently living in a 20 gallon enclosure, though likely she should move up to a larger size. She CAN come with a 20g enclosure (with locking lid and a place to additionally lock, if you so desire) and some accessories (water bowl, logs to climb on, and so on) for an additional $20.

Fluffy is located in Hammond, Indiana (zip code 46324). Sorry, we are unable to ship her, though we can transport her to expos that we are attending, please ask if this might be of interest to you.

Fluffy is up for adoption for $50


adopt her with a 20 gallon enclosure and accessories for $70

Pair of 1 & 1.5 Year Old Male American & American Crested Guinea Pigs -- "Boomer" & "Neo"

We have a pair of male guinea pigs looking for their forever home. Their names are Boomer & Neo! These boys came to the rescue a bit ago, when someone in their previous family could not handle their allergies to these boys any longer. They are now ready to find their new home!

Boomer is the lilac & white American male, and Neo is the white, black, and cream American Crested. We have down that Boomer was born around 4/2018 and Neo was born around 1/2019. This makes them about 1.5 and 1 year old! Great time to take them home!

These boys are sweet guinea pigs. They both can be shy at times, but they love their veggies and hay and will eventually venture out to see what’s going on, if you are patient with them. They’re your typical guinea pigs in that they do move away from you when you go to pick them up, but once you’re holding them they do settle down and they do well with being handled and petted. They love to hide in their igloo, but they come out for food, water, and of course, veggies and hay! They love love LOVE their food, hay, veggies, greens… they’re easy to please boys! We’re sure that the more time you spend with them, the more attention you give them, and the more snacks you give them, we know you’re sure to win them over and make them even more loveable and outgoing. They’re super sweet and they do well with being handled and petted. They will both sit nicely in your arms when you’re petting them. They do well with having their nails trimmed. Neither guinea pig has ever bitten.

These boys are living together and they can only be adopted out as a pair. Please do not email if you are only wanting to adopt one of them – on the other hand, check out our other listings, or ask us about other available guinea pigs! We do have some singles available!

These guinea pigs will come with some food to start you out with (4 pounds of guinea pig pellets) and a printed out version of our guinea pig care packet. We also have additional supplies for sale, such as cages, food, food bowls, water bottles, hidey houses, and more.

Do you need a cage? We have multiple cages for sale, everything from smaller guinea pig cages to larger ones. You can buy a cage similar to what they are living in for $25. We also have this type of cage (used) -- -- for $30.

The adoption fee for Boomer & Neo is $40

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