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  • Chase -- 2 year old brown agouti English crested male guinea pig -- dob March 2017

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2 Year Old Brown Agouti English Crested Male Guinea Pig -- "Chase"

We have a male guinea pig looking for his forever home. His name is Chase. He is a 2 year old guinea pig, with a birthdate of March 2017, so he recently turned 2! Happy Birthday Chase! This guinea pig and another one (Marshall) were originally family pets for a family with little kids, but unfortunately, when the parents went back to school and no longer had time to supervise the guinea pigs interacting with their little kids, they wanted better homes for them… so they came here! We are now looking for homes that will have time to dedicate to them.

Chase is an English crested guinea pig – he is a brown agouti color with a white blaze up his face and some white markings on one shoulder as well.

Chase is a pretty laid back guinea pig. He enjoys spending much of his time in his igloos, though he is relatively easy to catch. He does great with being handled and petted and settles down nicely into your arms when being held.

We’re sure that spending time with Chase, and giving him more attention will make him even MORE loveable (is that even possible?) and outgoing. You can definitely also win him over with yummy hay or veggies! Even without food, if you’re patient, he will see you there and will eventually approach. He just loves to come to the front of the cage when he thinks you might have something tasty for him! He just LOVES his hay and veggies, and hasn’t yet met anything that he’s not crazy about eating. Easy to please guinea pig. Chase is super sweet. He does well with having his nails trimmed, and he does enjoy the igloos and hideaways, when he decides to go in them. Chase has never bitten anyone.

Chase did have a buddy when he came into the rescue, but the buddy proved to be a bit of a bully, so the two guinea pigs have been separated. Chase did fine with the other guinea pig, so he might be able to be paired with another, non-bully, guinea pig in the future.

The adoption fee for Chase is $25