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Supplies for Sale

UPDATED for 2022!!

For the most up-to-date listing of supplies and their availability, please check out our


All supplies can either be shipped *OR* picked up in Wolcott, Indiana, by appointment.

Shipping costs are impossible to calculate ahead of time.  We *DO* refund excess shipping once the order ships out.

***Please scroll down for specialty items / services***


Need your chinchilla groomed?  Want to curb the relentless shedding, at least for a while?  We can do it for you.

(by appointment)

Grooming -- $10.00

Misc. Larger Items

Hubbard Life Chinchilla Pellets ("Tradition")

available by the pound -- $1.10 per pound


50 pound bag -- $45.00 **can be shipped, please inquire**

Top of the Rockies Hay Cubes

These are the hay cubes we feed our herd. They love em!

$1.50 per pound 

(gallon size bag holds approx. 3 lbs)

Loose Hay

This is the hay we feed our herd.  It is locally grown in Monon, Indiana, and is primarily an orchard grass / clover hay mix.

$1.25 per pound.

Shavings / Bedding

Approx. 5 cu.ft. bag -- white pine shavings, small flake

$10 per bag


Our hammocks are approximately 13"-14" square and made of chin-safe fleece. 

Hammocks -- $9.50 each

Corner Hammocks -- $8.50 each

<------------------ Here is an example of a hammock being enjoyed by Winx, our original standard grey male.

We don't always have our webstore up-to-date with our hammocks, please inquire if you're wanting to see what's available!

Cages -- New & Used

We currently are able to offer two cages for sale which we feel are suitable for chinchillas. These cages are new and have never been used. If you are interested in purchasing a used cage, please inquire if we have any available.

See our used cages for sale here --> Used Cages For Sale 

Metal Large Cage


This cage is 24" wide x 17" deep x 37" high. This cage comes in black wire, and has a black pull-out pan, for ease of cleaning. This cage comes with wheels (which do not have to be put on), so it may be rolled around, if desired.


$135 -- cage "shell" alone (no wood shelves)

$225 -- cage with starter pack

Starter pack includes:

--ceramic food bowl

--glass water bottle

--5 lbs food

--2 lbs dust

--large bag of hay

--wooden chew toy

--6" wood shelf

--circular perch

--bag of bedding

--goodie bag


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