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Chinchilla Adoption Form

Below you will find our adoption form for our chinchillas here at NWI Chinchillas. In order to adopt a chinchilla, we need this form filled out. This can be done ahead of time (which greatly speeds up adoption day), or at the rescue, when adopting. Please remember to press "send message" at the bottom, when you are done with the form, and we will get back to you shortly!

Full Name (first and last)*

Street Address




Phone Number (with area code)


How would you like to be contacted about the status of your adoption form (approval, additional questions, denial)?

Where did you hear about our adoptable chinchillas?

Own or Rent?

If you rent, are you allowed to have pets?

Are you planning on moving within the next few years? If yes, what will you do with the chinchilla?

What would you do with your chinchilla if you had to move where pets are not allowed? Alternatively, what would you do if you were no longer able to care for your chinchilla?

We are located in Wolcott, Indiana (47995). We do NOT offer shipping at this time, though we are happy to work with ground transports. I understand that in order to adopt a chinchilla, I will need to travel to Wolcott, Indiana, or will need to set up a transport.

Does anyone in the household suffer from allergies or asthma (if it possible to be allergic to the hay, dust, or fur)?

Is there a specific chinchilla you are interested in adopting? If yes, which one?

Have you ever owned a chinchilla before?

If so, where is it now?

Is this chinchilla for you, or for someone else?

Do you plan to breed this chinchilla?

Do you plan to get cagemate for this chinchilla? If yes, male or female?

Do you have an established exotics vet for this chinchilla? If yes, please list the name.

Do you have funds to cover vet bills for this chinchilla, if needed?

Are you aware that veterinary costs for exotics / chinchillas is usually costly?

What type / brand of hay do you plan to feed?

What brand of pellets do you plan to feed?

What type of dust do you plan to use?

What type of bedding do you plan to use?

Name some safe chew toys or safe items to chew on:

What type of cage do you have?

How large is the cage (dimensions)?

What type of shelving does the cage have?

Where do you plan to keep the chinchilla cage?

Is your home (or the room you will be keeping the chinchilla in) air-conditioned?

Do you plan to give your chinchilla out-of-cage time for exercise?

Have you read our Chinchilla Care Packet (on the website, the Chinchilla Care Info page)?

A chinchilla's lifespan is 10-20 years. Are you able to make this commitment?

Do you realize that chinchillas may be up all night playing and making nose?

Chinchillas need safe wood products to chew to grind down their teeth and avoid potentially deadly health problems. Will you be able to provide these for your chinchilla on a regular basis?

Does the average chinchilla like to be held and cuddled?

How many times a week should treats be given?

True or false: chinchillas under 6 months should be fed treats.

True or false: chinchillas are temperature sensitive animals.

What is the warmest temperature (in Fahrenheit) a chinchilla should be kept?

True or false: chinchillas need some sort of "house" to hide under, in order to feel secure.

Will you contact NWI Chinchillas about potentially returning the chinchilla in the event that you cannot care for it before selling it to a third party or taking other actions of getting rid of, or rehoming, the animal?

If for any reason you no longer wish to care for the chinchilla(s) adopted through NWI Chinchilla (Rescue), we require that you surrender the chinchilla back to NWI Chinchillas, so that we can approve another new home for the chinchilla. You should NOT, under any circumstances, discard into the wild the above mentioned chinchilla(s).

By submitting this application, I attest that all statements here are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and agree to abide by any terms set at the time of the purchase.

By typing your name below, you will be electronically signing this application. Please do so in the box below.

Please insert the date that you are submitting this application.

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