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Total Donation Amount to Date:

$7,600.20 + cages, bales of hay, rescue donation packages, miscellaneous supplies, and time

On this page, we list all of the donations that we have received over the years.

We want to thank anyone who has ever given the rescue anything. Every cent helps! It all adds up, and it all goes towards purchasing food, supplies, vet care, and whatever else is needed to keep the rescue running.

Some people donate money or supplies to the rescue, without ever adopting or purchasing anything from us. Others overpay for their rescue animal or their supplies, and that extra money put towards helping future rescues (or paying current bills!). All of the money received from adoption fees and supply sales goes right back to help the chins -- and every little bit does really help! Much of our own money is spent helping out the rescue, and, most importantly, taking them to the vet when needed. We will never come close to breaking even, but the important thing is that we are helping the chins. :)

Would you like to donate to help out our rescue chins? For monetary donations, please click on the paypal button below. If you would like to donate supplies or anything else (we love volunteers! donate your time!), please contact us and let us know!

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Below, see all of the generous donations we have received!

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