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Crested Geckos!

This page was started originally when we got in ~ 40 crested geckos as a rescue in 2017 / 2018.  Those geckos have all since found homes, but we occasionally have our own geckos available, so this page will remain in existence...

Starting with the links (word docs):

Sorry, we CANNOT ship these geckos

As with all of our rescue animals, we do have a crested gecko care packet that you will need to read, as well as a crested gecko adoption form to fill out, should you want to adopt one of these little guys.  See above for the links.

We love this type of gecko, as they can live at house temperatures (70-80 during the day, 65-75 at night), and don’t need a heat source if your house falls within those ranges, and can be perfectly happy eating just crested gecko diet (CGD – a powder that is mixed with water to create a baby-food-consistency-food), so if you’re not a fan of feeding bugs, these might be for you! None of these crested geckos has ever bitten anyone!

All of these geckos are eating Pangea Watermelon CGD, as well as occasional crickets.

Listed below are the geckos and their information.  Scroll down for individual pics and info.

Gecko listings updated 7/6/2018

--none at this time--


We also have geckos that have hatched here, from one of our own pairings:

--none at this time--

The geckos have adoption fees as follows:

Geckos 1-10 grams -- $40 adoption fee

Geckos 11-20 grams -- $50 adoption fee

Geckos 21-30 grams -- $60 adoption fee

Geckos 31-40 grams -- $70 adoption fee

Geckos 41-50 grams -- $80 adoption fee

Geckos 51-60 grams -- $90 adoption fee

The adoption fee (above) includes the gecko, enough CGD (crested gecko diet) for a few feedings, and a printed out version of our gecko care packet. If you’d like an enclosure and supplies with the gecko, please read on…

We can send these geckos home with their (temporary) setups (they will eventually need upgrades, but these enclosures work just fine for the moment), as well as some supplies, as follows, in a gecko kit.

This gecko kit is $20, and will contain:

Tub or kritter keeper-type enclosure for the gecko

Foliage / plants

Possibly a hide, depending on size of enclosure

Water bowl

Supply of bottle caps (feeding dishes)

1 ounce Pangea CGD (our 50/50 watermelon/insect mix)

Mist bottle

Paper towels for the bottom of the cage

Please note that the cost of the gecko kit adds onto the gecko adoption fee. For example, if you wanted to adopt a $70 gecko, and also wanted the gecko kit, the total would be $90.

These geckos are located in Hammond, Indiana (zip code 46324). Sorry, we are unable to ship these geckos.

Sorry, no geckos available at this time.  Check back soon and we may have some hatchlings available!