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  • Sybil -- 3.5 year old standard grey female chinchilla -- kills other chinchilas -- dob 12/1/2016 -- fostered in Dubuque, Iowa -- SPONSORED!! -- back on medical evaluation, temporarily unavailable

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3.5 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla -- Kills Other Chinchillas -- "Sybil"

Please note: Sybil is currently back under evaluation and is temporarily unavailable

Sybil is currently being sponsored by Sharon W. until 8/5!  If you are interested in sponsoring a chinchilla, please contact us!

We have a standard grey female chinchilla that is looking for her new home. Her name is Sybil! We have down that she was born around 12/1/2016, which means she’s about 3.5 years old! Great time to take her home.

This girl’s color is called standard grey, which means she has a salt and pepper coloring over her back, with a white belly. The classic color in chinchillas.

Like Sybil’s name might suggest, she really has a split personality. She’s relatively easy to pick up for the most part, though sometimes she likes to make you work for her love! Most times you can reach in and get her out without any problem. When you’re holding her, she generally is pretty calm and does well with handling… until she decides that she wants down, or doesn’t want to be held… but then she might decide that she wants to be sweet again! She really is a nice girl, under it all… and there is a lot of Sybil to love. We call Sybil a two-hander, as she’s on the chunky side (genetically… she’s only ever been fed hay and pellets) and she does have fat rolls under her arms and neck. Sybil does not bite.

As far as Sybil with other chinchillas, she’s fine with having neighbors or chinchillas is neighboring cages, but she CANNOT be housed with another chin. Her previous home has told us that she has killed several other chinchillas, which is why she is now here with us. She needs to be an only-chin in her cage, and should not be running loose with any other chinchillas at any time.

This chinchilla would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had chinchillas before, provided they understand that she can have her energetic moments, and she cannot ever have a buddy chinchilla.

The adoption fee for Sybil is $75

Please note: Sybil is back under evaluation and is temporarily unavailable

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