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  • 1 year old white mosaic Royal Persian Angora (RPA) carrier male chinchilla -- dob 6/22/20 -- $750   SALE!! $615
  • Minnie -- 4.5 year old med/dark ebony female chinchilla -- dob 12/14/2016 -- $200   SALE!!  $164
  • Teddy -- 10 month old standard grey male chinchilla -- dob 9/8/20 -- $175  SALE!! $143.50
  • 3 month old blazed mosaic male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 4/1/21 -- $750  SALE!! $615
  • 1 year old spotted mosaic male chinchilla -- dob 6/9/20 -- $550  SALE!! $451
  • 9 month old silver mosaic male chinchilla -- dob 10/28/20 -- $450  SALE!! $369

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We recently moved to Chesterton, Indiana, about 40 minutes east of the IN / IL border.  We may be able to deliver or meet, depending on your location, for an additional fee.  Inquire if interested.

We require a deposit to place a chinchilla on hold.  Deposits are non-refundable and hold the chinchilla for up to 14 days (during which the chinchilla must be picked up or delivered).

We accept venmo, cashapp, paypal, and cash (preferred) for deposits / payments.  If you need to pay another way, please inquire.

Feel free to email if interested, or text / call (leave a message) 219-789-0026

Chinchilla (and Other Critter) Listings!

Spotted mosaic male chinchilla

Born 6/9/20 -- 1 year old

Super easy to pick up

Does great with being handled and petted

Sits pretty nicely

Chills with you when being handled

Very very sweet

Neat spots!

$550    $451

Silver mosaic male chinchilla 

Born 10/28/20 -- 9 months old

Silvery with a white tail tip

Pretty easy to scoop up into your arms

Does pretty well with being handled & petted

Wants to look around and explore, but not overly energetic

Curious and sweet 

$450     $369

Blazed mosaic male chinchilla kit (baby)

Born 4/1/21 -- 3 months old

Super sweet boy

Really easy to pick up

Wants to look around a bit

Very calm and will chill when being handled and petted

Likes to explore, on occasion

Very very sweet boy

We just LOVE him

$750    $615

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Standard grey male chinchilla - "Teddy"

Born 9/8/20 -- 10 months old

Relatively easy to pick up

Curious but not overly energetic

Wants to look around when you first pick him up

Settles after a short period of time

Would probably enjoy playtime

$175   $143.50

Med / dark ebony female chinchilla -- "Minnie"

Born 12/14/2016 -- 4.5 years old

Can be a bit shy when you first reach for her

Super easy to pick up

Does great with being handled and petted

Will chill with you when being handled 

Super sweet!

$200     $164

White mosaic Royal Persian Angora (RPA) carrier male chinchilla
Born 6/22/20 -- 1 year old

Super sweet boy
Does well with being handled and petted
Can be energetic at times, but can also chill with you -- nice mix of both!
Very sweet!

$750    $615

---more pics below---

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