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  • Livia (mom, missing part of foot) & Miracle (daughter) **UPDATE & NEW PICS** -- hetero beige female pair of chinchillas -- dob unknown (Livia) & 4/2017 (Miracle) -- fostered in Dubuque, Iowa
  • 3.5 month old black velvet male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 2/17/20

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Chinchilla (and Other Critter) Listings!

3.5 Month Old Black Velvet Male Chinchilla Kit (Baby)

We have a black velvet male chinchilla who’s looking for his new home. He came to NWI just a bit ago, and is now ready to leave and go to a family of his own.

He was born 2/17/20, making her right around 3.5 months old. His color is called black velvet ebony, which means he is a dark black color over his back, with a nice white belly.

This boy is very sweet! He is relatively easy to pick up into your hands. When you’re holding him, he does pretty well with being handled and petted and he will chill with you for short periods of time. He actually seems to enjoy being petted. Very very sweet boy! He doesn’t bite.

He would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had one before.

This chinchilla is currently caged alone. However, if you interested in pairing him up with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The adoption fee for this black velvet male chinchilla is $225

Pair of Mom & Daughter Hetero Beige Female Chinchillas -- "Livia" & "Miracle"

We have a pair of female chinchillas that are looking for their new home. These girls are named Livia & Miracle. They are a mom and daughter pair of chinchillas. Livia is the mom and Miracle is the daughter. We are told that Miracle was named that because she was so small at birth that it was a miracle she survived. Livia’s age is unknown, but we have been told that Miracle is about two years old, and we estimate her date of birth to be April 2017. Unfortunately, the owner of these girls developed horrible allergies and breathing issues after having these chins for some time, and that’s how we ended up with them here.

Both Livia and Miracle are hetero beige chinchillas, so the do look similar! They’re both a creamy beigeish color on their back, with a white belly. However, you can tell them apart! Livia fur chews a bit, so she looks a bit more patchy on her backside by her hips, and she also is missing part of one of her back feet! This doesn’t affect her life, it’s just something that gives her character and can help you tell these awesome furballs apart! Also, Livia has more freckles on her ears, whereas Miracle just has a few.

Livia and Miracle are currently living in a foster home in Dubuque, Iowa. This is what their foster home has to say about them:

“So far they are both doing really great! I have been trying to get some good pictures but they are usually pretty active! I got the new cage all put together and they really seem to be enjoying it! I am already in love with them! They are really, really great! The first day I had them, Miracle nipped a tiny bit at me when being picked up, but has not nipped at me since! (we were told by the previous home that Miracle might nip) They seem ok with being handled. They don’t seem to like the act of the picking up, but once you have them in your hands they are more comfortable and calm!”

We also have a more recent update!:

"Livia and Miracle are both doing great!  They mostly love hanging out at the highest point in the cage. They are not real big lovers of treats.  They take their time getting to them and sometimes only eat a part of them.  They don't love being picked up and being held, but sometimes its okay.  Even though they don't like being picked up I've only had Miracle nip me one time and that was the very first day I had her.  They really enjoy their play time in larger spaces.  But after about 45 minutes of open play Livia seems to be ready to chill out again.  Miracle on the other hand is like the Energizer Bunny when it comes to open play time, she could do that allllll the time!  During play time they are very curious and want to know what everything is!  If you sit on the floor with them eventually they start climbing up your legs, but play time is not for petting, it's for adventure!  They do extremely well with pets and don't mind being in the same space as our dogs, they basically ignore their existence and keep doing their adorable little chin thing!"

Annnnd a more recent observation:

"The girls like to sit up higher and watch what is going on below!"

These girls are a pair and can only go to their new home together. Please do not contact us asking to adopt only one of them. They are bonded chinchillas and will be staying together.

These girls would make good “first chinchillas” for someone who’s never had one before, provided the person isn’t intimidated by possible light nipping by Miracle.

The adoption fee for Livia & Miracle is $200

Please note, these chinchillas are located at one of our foster homes in Dubuque, Iowa (zip 52001). They can be adopted directly from their foster home, or they can be brought back to the rescue in Hammond, Indiana for adoption as well. Please allow a couple of days for transport / adoption of these girls. Thanks for your understanding!

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