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NWI Chinchillas

Breeding quality chinchillas and rescuing exotics since 2003.

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"NWI Chins is the best! I love my now little fur budy. I’ve had him 13 days now and he’s doing great. Do your tease arch and follow the packet and your chin will be warming up to you in days. My little guy Nova is the sweetest thing and I am considering getting him a friend. Ashley was awesome threw the whole process. Answering all my questions and giving me tips. This is my first chin and she gave me tips on which once to pick. I made the drive and went home a happy chin mama! Thank you Ashley Novas doing great, we may be seeing you soon!"

--Taylor B

--Nova the Ghost chili cheddar puffs Mom

"Love our Benson so much. He is so friendly and gentle. He likes to go bye bye in his snuggly pouch with mommy. He loves to be held and petted. He's so active and fun to watch. He's the best pet ever!!!"

--Beth Ellenberg

"Great place to adopt a pet chinchilla! We already owned a chinchilla that we bought at a pet store. We realized that the pet store owner was not knowledgeable about chinchilla's at all and sold us items that were terrible for chinchillas. When we decided to get a second chinchilla, we looked for a place that cared and knew more about pets. That's how we found NWI chinchillas. We adopted a grey chinchilla. Ashley has been very helpful by answering our questions about chinchilla habits and care. She is also helping us get our chinchillas to get along. We tried what other sites suggested and even our vet, but it didn't work. With her advice we have made progress! Her items are also great. We bought hanging treats, a wooden tunnel, and a wooden house. Very well built and the chinchillas love it!"


"NWI Chinchillas would be my first recommendation to anybody who is looking to adopt a new furry friend. Ashley was extremely helpful throughout the entire adoption process, and continues to offer her help and expertise whenever it is needed, even after bringing your new family member home. Ashley's passion for these animals very clearly shows and she does everything she can to make sure you feel confident in taking care of your new animal, have all of the knowledge you could possibly need, and have everything necessary in order to offer the best care possible it. I adopted two young male chins, a white ebony and standard grey, which I have named Mochi and Stitch, and they are an absolute joy to have in my life now. Ashley was very patient with me and put in so much work to help me find two chins that I could pair together and allowed me as much time as I possibly needed while I was there trying to make the tough decision as to which chins I was going to officially adopt and bring home. I have also bought/ordered different items from her for my chin cage such as shelves, a hideaway house, and supplies like a water bottle or chin dust, so if there's anything you could possibly need, the chances are she will definitely have it! I can't thank Ashley enough for everything she has done in this entire process, and I look forward to hopefully adding more animals from her into my family in the future! If you have the opportunity to support or donate to NWI or adopt, please do so because you will be helping not only a great cause but a wonderful individual like Ashley herself!"

-- Magen Doerner

--Happy Chin Mom

"Working with Ashley to adopt Regulus was amazing. She answered all my questions, and is so obviously extremely knowledgeable. She puts a ton of effort into helping these animals! I drove roughly three hours each way to adopt my chin and I'd do it all over again. Ashley makes sure you have everything you need and makes sure you feel supported throughout the entire process. Adding Regulus to our family was one of the best things I've done! He's so curious, social and an all around joy to interact with and I thank Ashley for that.

We love NWI!!

- The Opie's"



"My 2 children, 12yr. & 15yr., adopted a white hedgehog from Ashley. She was extremely patient while I had to trouble shoot downloading the application while on vacation. As soon as we arrived, Ashley handed the hedgehog to my daughter to hold which created an instant bond. She also told the children a cute story about the hedgehog when he first arrived at her place which only endeared the children to him more. She went out of her way to provide me with everything I needed: cage, bedding, food bowls, food, wheel, and hut. He adapted quickly, and seemed very social even though we had read that they can stay in a ball and hide for quite a while. That was not the case with this little guy. After we got him home, he immediately unrolled while the kids were holding him and then explored the sunroom. I was so relieved to see him adapt so quickly because then I knew the children wouldn't lose interest in him. He has stayed active and curious, and the children are still interacting with him. The assimilation into the family has been so easy that it's like he has been with us for years. So far, so great!"


"Nwi chinchillas is an awesome place to adopt from! They were very helpful with giving us info on caring for our chinchilla. We love him so much and are very glad we chose to go to nwi to adopt!!!"

--Anna Beamer

--Lima Bean

"I adopted a Violet Male chinchilla and absolutely love him! i had a great experience adopting with Ashley, she's very friendly and amazing, never feel rushed going there!"



"I adopted a medium ebony male chinchilla and right off the bat you can tell all of NWI's chins are not only well cared for and loved... but also handled wonderfully. Even though there is never enough time in the day to achieve all the tasks that need to be done- somehow Ashley manages to do it all. I couldn't be happier with my adoption and I applaud all the hard work that NWI is doing for the greater good. If everyone donated even the slightest it would help more than you can realize. Please support and continue to donate to NWI everyone! Thanks again Ashley!"

--Joey Egner & Charcoal

--NWI is hands down an INCREDIBLE rescue

"I adopted Momo from NWI in February 2018. Everything went well and she is just the sweetest chin. She has anxiety and fur bites sometimes and think shes afraid she's going to be passed around again. But i keep reassuring her she's here for life. I'm really happy i was able to adopt her. Momo and my other chin, Basil, bonded almost immediately (only took 10 days for them to be in the same cage) as they had both just lost their cage mates. Super happy I found NWI rescue!"

--Carrie Schutzius


"Ashley knows so much about chinchillas and has been there for me every step of the way. She has given me advice about chinchillas that she didn't even personally sell to me (i got them from petsmart but didn't know about NWI at the time). Ashley has helped me through some tough journeys when I adopted a girl who started spraying & now she helps me with my male who is a biter.

I recommend everyone to NWI Chinchillas as I know Ashley has the best interest in the chinchilla but the caregiver as well."


"Even though I was already mom to 2 chinchillas, I was ready to expand my love. I had heard about NWI Chinchillas for some time and when I last checked the website, I saw that Jasper (now Midas) had a funky personality that I knew I'd love. As if ONE more wasn't enough, I had asked Ashley to pair the lil' guy up with someone else and that's when Cotton (now Cupid) came to be. The process of pairing chinchillas was super easy as Ashley truly is the 'Mother of Chinchillas' and definitely knows what she's doing. After phone calls and many text messages, and emails that included an extensive list of supplies (additional cage, several different herbs, hay, etc.), I picked up my boys and supplies in a breeze! Even after bringing the boys home, Ashley is always quick to answer my inquiries. HUGE shout-out to Ashley for her amazing work and rest assured, Midas and Cotton have finally found their permanent home filled with treats, kisses, and tons of love."

--Phuong V.

"Ashley is awesome! Even though we expressed interest in adopting a chinchilla at an unspecified future time, after visiting the chins and talking with her, we moved up our adoption date for Checker (now with the drastic change of a name: Checkers). We also reached out about another chin, we received timely updates on him, and Ashley tried to pair them with us as observers. When that didn't work out, she was so dedicated! She spent a couple hours with us trying to find a great pair, and we left, extremely happy, with both Checkers AND Ollie. We couldn't be happier. In fact, we're so happy that we might adopt a couple more from her later on... watch out, Ashley! (Just kidding, I hope!)"

--Jen T.

"I adopted my two girls (Lilo and Nani) about a month ago and couldn't be happier with my experience. Ashley helpfully answered all my questions and provided her expert knowledge and passion for the animals in her care. I also ordered a house, a couple shelves, and some dust from her and she had my order together almost instantly. When I went to her house to pick up the girls, I was very impressed with her layout. Even though she was over capacity at the time, the cages were clean, the room organized, and the chins themselves looked comfortable and happy. I would happily recommend her and would go there again myself (although it'll be 10-15 years or so down the line :) )."


--Proud Mom of Two

I have been searching a long time for a good wooden house for my two chinchillas. Most commercial products are held together with metal tacks that could injure a chinchilla or glue which could poison a chinchilla. Ashley built them a special house which is bigger, sturdier, and healthier than anything I could have found anywhere else. I am very grateful and I will be a repeat customer when my chinchildren someday finish destroying this one - although that will take years thanks to Ashley's craftsmanship!"

--Jacob Englander

--happy father of two chinchildren


Me and Jim Just Wanted To Tell You We Love Our Wild Woman!!

We Renamed Her Chi Chi.

She warmed up to us really really fast she isn't barking anymore and she has a huge cage lol

Shes actually a great Chin.

Thank You So Much

You Were So Helpful and Nice to us.

Thanks again"

--Samantha & Jim

"I am so excited to have stumbled upon your website! You are very inspirational and I am so happy for you being accomplished at saving these animals' lives. I will definitely look to adopt in the near future, hopefully from you! Thank you!"


"I ordered a ryerson water bottle & have been nothing but satisfied! Shipping was incredibly fast & the product was greatly priced. The package came entirely sealed and the water bottle was nicely protected in lots of bubble wrap. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my purchase & will definitely purchase again. :) "


--Extremely satisfied mom of one

"I adopted Chinchy from Ashley last September for my son's 10th birthday. I was very happy with the time Ashley took with me explaining the basics of chinchilla care. Ryan, Dean, and I are so pleased to have Chinchy as part of our family."


--Satisfied Chinchilla mom

"I am doing research about getting a chinchilla sometime in the next year. When I found your website, I decided: This is where I want to get my very first chinchilla from! I can tell that you really care about your chinchillas and I am quite confident I would be in very good hands with you and your business. I've looked at a lot of breeders and you are the best-looking one. I cannot wait to do business with you sometime in the future!"


"I recently adopted Lenny the rat from NWI Chinchillas. He is the sweetest rat who loves to cuddle and groom us. I am so happy to have him in our life and I am glad he can live out the rest of his life with us. I was very pleased with the facility and care he received at NWI Chinchillas. He was obviously taken very good care of because he is so loving. Thanks a lot!"

--Jordan K.

"November 1st, 2015 we adopted a precious Dark Ebony Female Chin, we named her Zoey, and we absolutely adore her, we decided to get Zoey a cage mate about a month and a half later, and we adopted a Silver Mosaic Female Chin, who we named Buttons. As pet owners, it was the best choice we could have possibly ever made, Ashley is very thorough, and very wonderful to adopt from. She takes such pride in caring for all of the animals, she makes the adoption process so easy. We will definitely be returning in the future."


--Super satisfied return customer

"My family and I have gotten a total of four chinchillas and two Prairie dogs from Ashley. They are all healthy and full of life. Ashley was very helpful with the process of introducing our chinchillas and Prairie dogs. She is also open to answering any questions you may have via text, phone call, or in person. Ashley is very passionate about what she does and takes very good care of the chinchillas in her rescue. If you want a chin or small animal, this would be the place I recommend!"

--Courtney H.


"My daughter had asked for either a snake or a chinchilla. We've already had snakes so we decided to go with a chinchilla. I did quite abit of research and when I came across this site my decision was a most definite one. We decided on Amber and will be picking her up in a couple of weeks. A big thank you to Ashley for all of her help and for answering all of our questions. I think your site is very informational and I can't wait to meet you and pick up our new addition to the "Family!""

--Cheryl Garrett

"I recently adopted a little ebony chinchilla, Noir, from NWI and I am in love! He is the sweetest chinchilla I have ever interacted with, and loves his scratches and even sitting in my lap. Even with the volume of animals at the rescue, it is clear that each animal receives individual care and attention. I am so thankful for the new little addition to my family."


"i bought a chinchilla her name is salt from Ashley about a month ago salt is becoming at home, salt is so wonderful I love having her here, i can't thank Ashley enough"


"I adopted my first chinchilla from Ashley in June of 2014. The NWI Rescue is about a 3 hours round trip from where I live, but I liked Ashley and her rescue so much that a little over a year later, I went back and adopted another chinchilla. If anyone I know is researching on where to adopt a chinchilla, I always recommend Ashley. It is very clear she does what she does out of genuine love for the animals, and not for the money."


"I LOVE MY CHINCHILLA (CHILLY) He's an amazing addition to our family. Thank you so much for everything!"

--Melissa Warren

"My daughter adopted a chinchilla, Baja, from NWI. Took time to talk to us and answer any questions we had. Made sure we were dedicated and ready for a chinchilla. NWI really cares for these animals. Baja is in excellent shape and has been a great family addition."

--Jeff B.

"My daughter and I were looking for a chinchilla to adopt when we came across NWI Chinchilla's website. After a few emails back and forth to Ashley we decided to adopt Dr Pepper and Mr. Pibb.... They are wonderful! It was a 2 1/2 hour drive, but well worth it! Ashley was very knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had. She got back to us in a timely manner with answers to our questions. Her animals are well taken care of and I would definitely adopt from her again."

--Michelle and Olivia Kieffer

--Satisfied Chinchilla owner

"We were looking for a Guinea Pig and would up with three! Ashley was very helpful and informative when we came in to see them for the first time and answered all of our questions. Our kids love them and the parents do too! It is great having them at such a young age. We've had them for a month and they are still smaller than the ones we see in the stores!"

--The Ennis Family

--Happy Guinea Pig Family

"Happy Customer! 100% You will get the best advice and learn lots just keep asking Ashley and help support her with a donation or an adoption."

--Susan Thompson

"Emailed Ashley in December 2013 about getting one of her chins for my 15 yr old son for Christmas. She got back to me right away, answered all my questions, the website is very informative and she had almost all the things you need which we got when we picked up our chin. There was also a good selection to choose from. Ashley is also very good at what she does and very knowledgeable about these animals which is what you need if you don't know anything. After getting our chin she is always available for other questions you may have and which we did. She also is good at follow up. She emailed me and wanted to know how our chin was doing. Fabulous and easy to talk to!"

--Mary Chandler

"Frito (Cisco) is doing fine. He's inquisitive, energetic, engaging and just a joy to spend time with. He is still on a treat / snack prohibition (he's not 6 mos. yet). So other than 4 plain Cheerios, 1 raisin, 2 rose hips, and about half a dozen whole jasmine flowers he is treat / snack free. Cisco is the most aggressive dust bather I've ever seen. I'm used to seeing 3 to 5 rollover - baths every three to four days, but this guy won't get out of the bath until he is good and ready. So after a couple of minutes or so of continuous rollovers I coax him out. He can get in quite a few rollovers in a couple minutes, and I don't want his skin to get too dry to where he's uncomfortable. He tolerates being held for up to 5 minutes without struggling to free himself; but he prefers his out time (run around outside of cage time) so I make sure that he spends a good amount of time outside of his cage and I use the bath to retrieve him as it's irresistible to him."

--Len Maydwell

"I bought my chinchilla named Gigi from Ashley. I could tell that she was well taken care of thanks to Ashley. I am so glad that I bought Gigi from her because she actually knew what she was talking about and was so knowledgeable not only about chinchillas but a lot of other animals as well. I was looking at pet stores to buy a chinchilla and I was asking them questions about them and they had to go look up all the answers to my questions...but Ashley knew all of them without looking any of it up. I could tell that she cared about all of her animals, its not just a "job" for her. It is a hobby. Ashley is very nice and I would buy an animal from her rather than anywhere else. And the best part is, she sells everything that you need right from her home. Everything she sells is reasonably priced, and you can even buy used items if your not able to afford it. Thanks Ashley!!"

--Shannon Abraham

--Satisfied Chinchilla Owner

"Just brought my first chin home today (Piggy). He's, as described, a great chin all around!

Huge thanks to Ashley for providing all the answers for the questions I had and filling in the information that I needed to know, and for putting such effort in keeping the chins in a very good environment. They're very lucky that they have NWI to stay in.

Thanks again,


--Jeffrey Wang

"We had been considering adopting a pair of chinchillas and were doing our research before hand and found the NWI website while searching for a rescue to adopt from. After looking over the website we were impressed by the amount of knowledge and care Ashley had shared. It was very obvious how much she cares for the animals under her care. It didn't take us long to decide that this was where we had to adopt from. After a few emails back and forth discussing a possible match, we made the drive to see our new chins. Ashley's dedication to her animals was even more obvious in person, all in all we spent about an hour meeting our chins and getting all the info we could ever ask for. Thank you Ashley for a perfect adoption!"

--Josh Niemeyer

"I recently adopted "Dreamz" a female chinchilla for my 11 year old daughter. NWI Chinchillas, Ashley, is very caring, friendly, knowledgeable. Ashley takes her time to follow up on the animals she adopts out. I will definitely call Ashley if I ever choose to adopt another animal. I recommend Ashley and NWI Chinchillas to everyone. Sincerely, Tom, Layla, and Dreamz (the chinchilla)"

--Tom, Layla, and Dreamz (the chinchilla)

"My roomate and I adopted two rats from NWI Chinchillas and we are so happy. The rats are wonderful, and we had a great experience working with Ashley. She was communicative, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and accomodating. Thank you Ashley!"


--satisfied rat owner!

"We love our new Chin boys (they have been in our home for 3 days) and everyone is getting settled! This has been an exciting time and Ashley made it a wonderful journey with all of her help and expertise. I wish everything came with an 'Ashley' when making a life decision!


--Matt, Debbie & Anna Spurling

"We adopted our "older" chinchillas in January and my daughters love them dearly. It's clear Ashley loves what she does. The rescue was very clean and organized, and the animals are very healthy. Thanks Ashley!"

--Nancy Toombs

"Just adopted two guinea pigs two weeks ago. They are healthy, happy, and now totally spoiled. Thank you for two wonderful little creatures of God :) "

--Carolyn Johnson

2 guinea pigs

"My wife and I purchased two degus for our daughter's 11th birthday. We couldn't be happier with our decision to work with Ashley. Her animals are all very well cared for, she is extremely knowledgeable and caring, and the animals we received are in excellent shape. Things couldn't have worked out better. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a follow up email one week after we picked them up, simply asking how they were doing. I highly recommend NWI Chinchillas and Ashley."

--Tom Martin

--A Very Happy Birthday

"I adopted a pigeon and three rats a few days ago. I waited to post anything till they became used to us. We have changed their names. Rats= Wiskers who is the escape artist, Big Daddy Woo Woo who likes to sit and watch tv with us, Maximilian aka Big Max is still a bit skittish but a lover and the pigeon LilRed who has taken up residence on my pillow and wont share. I am so thankful to Ashley for being so friendly. She was the only one to contact me back for the adoption. I tried to adopt rats from many people but good thing nobody contacted us back. Now the next question is do we want to add a chin to our family? Thank you Thank you Ashley."

--Lori the head zookeeper

--Kayla and Mandy too

"NWI Chinchilla site has become my "Google" for everything Chinchilla. They've saved me from guessing about care for my chinchilla, and have instead given me the reassurance that I can find just about everything I need to support me in caring for our newest family member either on their site or on through the links found on their site."

-- Len Maydwell

"NWI Chinchilla is a wonderful place to buy your Chinchilla. Ashley was prompt getting back with us and was helpful and very informative. We had to drive approx 2 1/2 hours to buy our Chinchilla from her but it was well worth it and we would make the drive again!"


"I recently adopted two male rats from Ashley and let me just say, I had an absolutely smooth adoption. Ashley had been there since day one to promptly answer any and all emails and questions I had. Her pet adoption facilities were impeccably clean, she was completely professional and knowledgeable, and the rats I adopted from her are absolute angels. If you are thinking about adopting a pet, I would wholeheartedly recommend taking your business there! I have a big business pet store five minutes away from my house but traveling a ways to adopt from Ashley is something that I absolutely do not regret. Ashley is the best, the pets are greatly taken care of, and now I am the owner of two loveable rat boys. I couldn't ask for more!"


--Rat Adopter 

"When our little Captain Jack passed away, I knew the best way to honor his memory was to give a home to another little rat. I found Buddy on, contacted Ashley immediately, and I met Buddy that weekend. It is obvious that Ashley takes great care of all her animals and cares a lot about them, from the rats to the guineas to the chins. She gave me a lot of information about rats and she respected my prior knowledgeable about rat care. I'd definitely recommend NWI Chinchillas to anyone!"


--Rat momma

"My husband and I were looking for a pair of rats to adopt and were having a very difficult time. He came across NWI Chinchillas, which houses other small pets. Our rats were very well taken care of and and doing wonderful! Easy communication and clean conditions for the animals confirmed that this was the place to go to! Thank you for adding happiness to our family, Ashley!"


"My son was begging me for a chinchilla and to be honest I had never heard of them before. I looked them up and thought they were cute and would would make a good pet. I found NWI Chinchillas on the web and contacted Ashley, she was very educated in chinchilla care I had alot of questions and she answered all of them right away! When the day came for adopting Gigi we were so excited and couldnt believe what a nice chinchilla habitat Ashley had, they were all well taken care of and playing happily, they werent sitting in small cages just waiting to be adopted as in most pet stores. All the chins had big roomy cages and all were clean and kept up, you can see Ashley loves her chins and Im sure thats why she needs to be choosey about who their families will be. We love Gigi she warmed up within a day and loves to be petted and run around my sons room in our basement. Everyone loves her and all his frriends now want one they ask for Ashleys chin web site info which I gladly give them. If you are looking for a chin NWI chinchillas is the way to go. Thank you Ashley for trusting us with Gigi she has a great home and gets lots of love all day long. Also thank you for the great effort you put into the wood shelving and hidey house we couldnt have asked for anything better! Gigi sends her love too!"

--The Schultz family

"We were interested in chinchillas and definitely wanted to 'adopt.' We came to the right place! Ashley was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with us as my daughters and I asked our many questions. Ashley obviously has a big heart and a kind soul for doing all she does. An added convenience is that we were able to get everything we needed for our chinchillas from NWI Chinchilla Rescue. We are completely happy with Tabbouleh and Moon and never tire of their antics. They quickly became part of our family. We highly recommend NWI Chinchilla Rescue. Thank you, Ashley, for all your hard work."

--Laura, Morgan, and Chase

--Three very happy chinchilla lovers

"My 11 year old son had been wanting a pet so I steered him towards a guinea pig since they are such nice little animals. I found Ashley and photos of guinea pigs up for adoption on All worked out well and we now have two possible sibling guinea pigs. Both are calm and friendly and like to be held. I highly recommend working with Ashley. She is very knowledgeable, caring, and you can feel confident about the pets you adopt!"

--Cathy Cameron

Happy guinea pig owner!

"We adopted a beautiful ebony male Chinchilla. We named him Chewy! We had a great experience with our adoption process, received a lot of information and a great contact for any questions we may have in the future! We highly recommend nwi chinchilla to anyone interested in adopting a fur ball! Ours has brought our home so much joy!"

--Crystal Heuer

"Thanks Ashley for your knowledge and understanding of pet rats! We appreciate all of the help and our rats appreciate the food you gave us to go with our rat!"


"We adopted a sweet Peruvian guinea pig last week, and the whole family is in love with her. I'm so grateful for Ashley's dedication to rescuing and caring for guinea pigs and chinchillas so people have an alternative to buying from a pet store. Ashley spent a lot of time with us answering our questions, and she certainly knows all about the creatures she cares for and loves them very much. I will definitely recommend NWI Chinchillas to anyone looking for a small and furry pet."


--And guinea pig makes six

"This is a great place to adopt a pet. It's clear that Ashley takes good care of the animals and cares that they go to a good home. She knows about exotic pets and can answer any questions about caring for chinchillas, rabbits or other small critters. A++!"

--Larisa Burke

--Rabbit and Chinchilla Owner

"Thanks for our amazing Chinchilla and all the great information you have given us! We can't wait for our second adoption!"

--Seth, Michelle, and Keisa

"I came to NWI looking for a second chinchilla to keep mine company. Ashley is very knowledgeable and really cares about all of the animals in her care. I'm very happy to have adopted Cheech, a senior grey, and she definitely hooked me up with everything I needed to make him feel at home as well. Anyone looking to adopt a chinchilla should go through her instead of a pet store in my opinion."


"I found NWI Chinchilla Rescue while looking for a new member to enhance the life of my niece Selene. I was hoping to find a cuddly, calm, loveable family member for her to love and find she needed and that needed her too. Ashley's description of Scooby was exactly that and when I met him, he was all that she had stated. Ashley's knowledge and expertise of her rescue's and their needs and her ability to help her clients is amazing and can help put any questions at rest. I am so happy to have found NWI and feel extremely lucky to know that it is just a phone call or email away. Thank You Ashley for all you do! Audrey Mr. Softee's new Mommy and Believer that EVERYONE should RESCUE!"

--Audrey Chmura

Scooby a.k.a. Mr. Softee

"I like your site. Thank you very much."


"I just want to thank you for the wonderful chins and all

Of your help with the cage and knowledge!!!!!"

--Ashley Reyes

"I adopted my mosaic chinchilla Daisy back in October as a birthday gift to myself. Ashley was such a great help and any question I ever needed answers to she helped me out alot. As a first time owner I was a little worried I do something wrong so I was texting Ashley almost weekly at all hours of the day but no matter what she always helped me. I definitely purchase another chinnie from her"


"We were looking to expand our family of rats and we found two beautify baby boy rats through NWI Chinchillas. They are taking to their big brothers like a fish to water and their brothers love them just as much. If we ever think of getting more rats, or any critter for that matter, we will definitely call Ashley first."

--Helen and Aaron Kelly

--Couldn't be happier

"I am at heart a dog lover, but where I live dogs are not even allowed on the premises, so getting a chinchilla was not my first choice. That being said I could not be happier with my decision. I must of read over a hundred sites trying to decide if a chinchilla was the right pet for me, but I decided to take the chance. I found Ashley's site to be very informative and she was very flexible with when I could meet Lily. Lily has been great. She had a little trouble adjusting at first but she is right at home now. I am actually considering getting a second chin :) "


--Lily's Momma

"Our five ratties are doing extremely well! Lenny is a, so sweet! The four baby girls are not so little anymore and are very accustomed to their home and our family schedule. We love them all so very much! Thanks again for all you do! You've been really busy lately and that's good to see."


"I am so happy with how every thing went with my recent adoption of Storm the chinchilla! Ashley was GREAT and obviously takes great care of her rescues. Storm has settled in nicely and I love my new little guy :) "

--Jacquelyn Theaker

--'Storms' new mom!

"We just picked up our new gerbils yesterday. They have already settled in with no problems, you can definitely tell they have been handled and taken care of. Hopefully someday we will get a chinchilla too. If we do we will definitely go to Ashley she was great! She was very friendly and answered all of our questions, which if you met my son is quite a big task he is the king of questions. I was very impressed with the amount of animals that are there the place was very clean and everyone looked very well taken care of. You can definitely tell Ashley spends a lot of time with all of them! Thanks Ashley for doing such a great job, keep it up!"


New gerbil mom

"Ashley, I truely love your rescue. Im so glad I made the right decision on giving u my babies! Roo ,Tweak,and the baby Peanut Bittle are doing awesome. I hope the baby rats and the bunnies are doing awesome i love your cages and your ideas just because i love the pattrens and everything. And GiGi is doing good too spoiled of course. I hope one day you become rich off your rescue!"


"Deciding to adopt a chin was difficult - I had to do a fair amount of research to see if a chin was truly the pet for me. However, after making the decision of adopting a chin, finding the right place was another headache. Luckily, I found NWI. The moment I met Ashley I knew that she wanted her chins to have a great environment to live in, and most of all, a good future home. She was glad to answer the huge amount of questions I had for her, and informed me about the needs of the specific chin that I am adopting. She definitely knows what she's talking about and puts great care in the chinchillas she is taking care of. I would definitely recommend NWI for those who are looking to adopt a chinchilla."


--Happy Adopter 

"Wow! I learned a lot from Ashley! We were doing a few things wrong because the pet store said, "ok", you really need to talk to Ashley to make sure your doing things correctly to raise a happy Chin! We adopted a 2nd Chin and are very happy. Wish I had room for one more as another stole my heart!"

--Susan Thompson

--Happy Adopter

"Luna is as energetic as ever! I am extremely happy i got her from you! Shes the cutest little thing and continuously bounces off the walls. Thanks so much for everything you do!!"

--Ashley McCoy

"I have ordered hammocks, wooden ledges, and chew toys from Ashley, and they are the best. Ashley gets things shipped out right away. She is always a pleasure to do business with. I am so glad I found her website. Thanks Ashley for everything you do!!"


"Paige and I have had Amber now for three weeks and we absolutely love her. We're learning how to care for our chinchilla through trial and error. One----don't ever leave the dust bath out unsupervised it can create a big mess. We now use the bathtub to put the dust bath in. Two-----they can flatten themselves like a pancake and be under the door in under a second flat and they are swift and quick. Good luck with the catch. We are most definitely having fun with her. Also, give them attention daily they need and want. Ashley is great and knows her chinchillas. She told me that they like to watch tv. Very true they do. To finish up I'll just say they are different creatures and are unique. We love our chinchilla and might have to get her a "friend!" Thank you Ashley!"

--Cheryl & Paige


"Ashley, Thank you for two gorgeous bunnies that my roommate and I adopted. They are doing very well with us and we are very pleased that we found you!"

Alexandra K.

"We adopted our pet rat Harvey from Ashley. (By far the best rat in the world! LoL) Ashley is SUPER friendly and answered any questions we had. She takes her job and the health and safety of her rescues seriously. She's very knowledgeable in the care of small pets and I would recommend NWI Chinchillas to anybody and everybody! Keep up the good work! :) "

--Leslie, Cory & Maddie

--Harvey's Family 

"when i purchased my items from nwichinchillas, i also bought something from another chin store, and it didn't compare to nwichinchillas at all! the shipping was fast, Ashley is super kind, and the items are 100% satisfaction. i would recommend this site for anyone with a small animal they want to spoil :) "


--Satisfied chinchilla mommy

"This is a great place to adopt a pet. It's clear that Ashley takes good care of the animals and cares that they go to a good home. She knows about exotic pets and can answer any questions about caring for chinchillas, rabbits or other small critters. A++!"

--Larissa Burke

"It takes a wonderful person to open their home to these wonderful little creatures. From the moment I spoke with Ashley, I could tell that not only she was knowledgeable about chinchillas, but that sh truly cared for them and put their best interest first. We wanted to adopt a chin as a cage mate for our young chin and had expressed nervousness about them getting along. Ashley inquired about our chin's personality and found a great match for her. The chin we adopted was considered "slightly special needs" as she has cataracts that could worsen over time, but is perfectly fine at the moment. Ashley walked us through introducing a new chin to another chin's home and provided us with much guidance and support and now the two are glued together at the hip! If you're thinking that caring for a "special needs" chin is any different than any other chin, you may find that you'd be pleasantly surprised. Open your heart and your home to a homeless chin!"

--Lea Fisher

"We love Ashley! We had such a great experience meeting her and the chins. She is always happy to help with everything & anything regarding the chins. She is a true animal lover. Our chin Dusty is so sweet and personable, and it is because of how nice Ashley treats her chins. She is the one to go to if you have a chin you need to give up, or if you want to bring a chin home."

--Shannon & Tim Mikus

"I adopted three beautiful little girls yesterday from Ashley. She worked with me for a whole month before I adopted them and she was able to squeeze me in last minute after changing my appointment time twice. She is extremely helpful, she really cares for the animals who pass through, and she is very professional. I would definitely adopt an animal from her again!"

--Jessica Fennen

"ashley was such a good help and she really takes care of the chins! she will answer all your questions no matter what! and is always willing to help! She finds good homes for the best chinchillas! and makes sure the homes are worthy enough and is always there if something comes up and you can no longer take care of them!"

--Erin Lego

--lulu and lilly's mommy!

"Ashley is just amazing! She helped me adopt my girls & I couldn't be happier with them. They came very well socialized & allowed me to hold them just as soon as they got home. I highly recommend NWI Chinchillas to anyone wanting to become a chin parent. Ashley knows what she's doing & all the chins are VERY well taken care of!"

--Amber Wallen

--Satisfied Chin Mommy

"We recently adopted two baby female rats to be cagemates for our older rat, and we were very pleased with how healthy and sociable they were. It's clear they were well fostered. Thanks, Ashley, for the sweet additions to our family!"


"Ashley was absolutely amazing to work with. Never having owned a chin before, I appreciate her willingness to work with a novice and her ability to answer some really silly questions on my part. You can definitely see and feel the love she has for these sweet creatures. Whiskey is settling in well to her new home. She still makes those silly noises, but I love that about her (like she is talking to me). She loves her dust baths and cheerios. I would definitely suggest that if you want a chin, consider getting one from Ashley. You won't regret it and neither will the chin..."

--Jenny Hagstrom

--I love my Chinny Chin Chin...

"This was overall a wonderful experience. We ran into a few snags when we were getting our Chinchilla home, and Ashley was awesome with help, and guiding us in the right direction with certain things. We would recommend NWI Chinchillas to anyone looking for a Chinchilla."

--Liz & Nate

--Satisfied Chinchilla parent and great experience

"So happy to have learned of your rescue! Thanks so much for all you do. I've wanted a chin for a long time but refused to buy from a franchise pet store (i.e. PetSmart, Petco). Thanks to your rescue, I know have my little guy."

--Michelle Couwenhoven

"I had a wonderful experience with NWI Chinchillas. Ashley was very helpful and very nice. She gave me a lot of information about chinchillas and their proper care. I am very happy that I brought my first chinchilla from Ashley at NWI Chinchillas! I recommend buying a chinchilla from Ashley. I love Lola, she is so cute and very sweet. Thank you Ashley, for everything!"

--Kelsey Sorenson

--Satisfied Chin Mom

"This is our second chin from Ashley. I was a little nervous on introducing the two together but they have started to bond quite well. I know if there was a problem, Ashley would of helped. I feel quite comfortable getting chins from NWI as I know, the chins are well taken care of and handled. She cares quite well for her chins. I will definitely recommend a person to get a chin from her. She is awesome as well as her chins. Thanks"

--Michelle Nebelung

"We adopted a sweet Peruvian guinea pig last week, and the whole family is in love with her. I'm so grateful for Ashley's dedication to rescuing and caring for guinea pigs and chinchillas so people have an alternative to buying from a pet store. Ashley spent a lot of time with us answering our questions, and she certainly knows all about the creatures she cares for and loves them very much. I will definitely recommend NWI Chinchillas to anyone looking for a small and furry pet."


"Being a college student, life can be pretty busy and stressful at times. Thankfully, I found Ashley at NWI Chinchillas, and the experience of buying a pet for the first time was neither busy nor stressful! My chinchilla is a huge stress reliever, and I couldn't be more happy to have him! Ashley made the whole process very simple, and being able to buy supplies from her was that much more of a bonus! If you're looking to get a chinchilla, this is DEFINITELY the place I would recommend!"

--Christina Taylor

--Enthused Boilermaker and Pleased Chinchilla Owner 

"We just adopted Ava from Ashley. she is our first chinchilla and to say that I was nervous is a huge understatement. Ashley took over an hour of her time to make sure that I knew as much as possible and made herself available day and night for questions. I have adopted other small animals from rescues but NONE have instantly become acclimated to us like Ava has. Ava was regularly handled and even after a 2 hour drive, was excited to be held and have her chin scratched. She wasn't even scared of our dog. Yes, we drove 2 hours to adopt from Ashley and left feeling that every mile was worth it. I still feel so prepared and happy over our choice. Thank you Ashley!"

--Cathleen Warren

--Thrilled Chin mom!

"Met with Ashley today to get supplies for our upcoming addition to the family! Ashley is so knowledgeable about chinchillas and takes the time to answer any questions you may have. Her cages are set up beautifully and you can tell the animals are well taken care of. The rescue has a huge selection of supplies, treats and cage accessories as well. Looking forward to continuing to work with Ashley as our chin needs more supplies over the years!"


"Ashley is so helpful and patient. Girley is my first chinchilla and I couldn't be happier to have her. Ashley helped me the entire way and made each step easier. I was happy to have such great information because of her years of experience!"

--Laura Campbell

--Great experience

"Ashley is amazing with Chinchillas and helped us get our first Chinchilla and we couldn't be happier! She answered every question we had and made sure we knew everything we needed to know before bringing Pokani home. She was very sweet when we went to pick Kani up and we are very excited to be able to bring Kani's daughter home as well. We would definitely recommend Ashley for your next Chinchilla!"

--Austin & Kate

--Satisfied Chinchilla Parents 

"Thank you for all you do! We recently adopted a chinchilla for our son's 14th birthday and we couldn't be happier with our choice to visit NWI Chinchillas. Ashley was beyond knowledgeable and it is clear that she loves all her rescues and they are well cared for. We will be back to visit and purchase more supplies soon!"

--Furdeck Family 

"Ashley from NWI Chinchillas was fabulous to work with when we adopted our baby chin. She definitely understands chinchillas and their needs and is willing to work with new (or experienced) chinnie parents on anything! I would highly recommend Ashley from NWI Chinchillas for adopting a rescued or new baby chin!"

--Mary Patchin

--Satisfied Chinnie Mom

"I adopted a previous chinchilla about a year ago. I realized that little Pierre needed a buddy. I kept searching and searching and eventually came across Northwest Indiana Chinchilla Rescue. Ashley knows everything there is to know about chinchillas. She made the adoption process very smooth and answered all questions I had. I eventually adopted Ghost. Ghost is an awesome chinchilla and clearly came from a good home. He gets along great with my Pierre and has found his little herd. Ashley has dedicated her life to chinchillas and truly cares about rescuing chinchillas in need. Thank you so much Ashley.

--Patrick Fallon

--Happy Chinparent

"Buddy loves his new home and we love doing hood-rat stuff together! (It's funny because he's a hooded rat!)"

--Cheryl & Buddy

"I adopted a chin from a friend. I decided she needed a friend. Ashley was extremely helpful. She answered my bizzillian questions without pressure of adopting. Her place is clean and chins are well taken care of. I ended up adopting 3 new friends for my girl and getting supplies. I highly recommend NWI!"

--Heather Spicer

--Happy new chinmom

"My family and I have gotten a total of four chinchillas and two Prairie dogs from Ashley. They are all healthy and full of life. Ashley was very helpful with the process of introducing our chinchillas and Prairie dogs. She is also open to answering any questions you may have via text, phone call, or in person. Ashley is very passionate about what she does and takes very good care of the chinchillas in her rescue. If you want a chin or small animal, this would be the place I recommend!"

--Courtney H.


"This was our second guinea pig adoption from NWI Chinchillas, and we are so happy with our petite gold and white Peruvian cutie. Adopting from a rescue like Ashley's is the only way to go! Ashley genuinely cares about each of the creatures in her care, and periodically follows us with us to see how our two piggies are doing. I'm in awe at how dedicated Ashley is to her "foster children". I don't know how she does it!"


"Our daughter loves her two guinea pigs we adopted and are doing great in there new home ."