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We started this page in the summer of 2019, as people often asked about how we do at shows!  Naturally, this was right before the pandemic started, so there haven't been many shows to post about, but here's show results from the ones that haven't been cancelled!

This page will periodically be updated with recent show results for our chins! Newest results up top!

2023 MCBA Nationals Show -- March 25, 2023

We took 10 angora (RPA) chinchillas to this show, along with some regular furred furballs as well.  Our angoras placed between 1st and 3rd place, and we tied with Royal Chinchillas for the award of

1st Place National Angora Breeder!

2019 Wisconsin Chapter (MCBA) Show -- October 12, 2019

We took 9 chinchillas to this show. Our black velvet female placed Reserve Section Champion Black Female, and the rest got all 1st's and 2nd's!

Cage 55 -- MNWI black velvet female (dark phase) -- Phase Champion / Reserve Section Champion Female 

2019 Ohio Field Day (MCBA) Show -- May 18, 2019

We took 7 chinchillas to this show. Out of those 7, all but one were at least a Reserve Phase Champion or better!  Great show!

Cage 34 -- MNWI white female (mosaic) -- Phase Champion / Section Champion / Champion Female of Show / Reserve Grand Show Champion

Cage 35 -- MNWI white female (mosaic) -- 2nd Place

Cage 36 -- MNWI standard male (dark phase) -- Phase Champion / Section Champion / Champion Male of Show / Grand Show Champion

Cage 37 -- MNWI standard female (dark phase) -- Phase Champion / Section Champion

Cage 38 -- MNWI standard female (medium phase) -- Reserve Phase Champion

Cage 39 -- MNWI standard female (medium dark phase) -- Phase Champion / Reserve Section Champion

Cage 40 -- MNWI ebony male (dark phase) -- Phase Champion / Section Champion 

Grand Show Champion -- standard grey male

Reserve Grand Show Champion -- white mosaic female

...and some other pics from the show: 

2019 Empress (ECBC) National Show -- February 23-24, 2019

Our tan male chinchilla took home National Champion Tan Male!

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