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Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links to other chinchilla and chinchilla-related sites. -- Nights at the Chinchilla Rescue (blog) -- Ever wanted to know what goes on here at NWI Chins? Here's your chance to find out! -- Pet Friendly Apartments -- Great resource to find pet-friendly housing, so when you move, you can take your pets with you! You can filter by location, price, amenities, and more! Check it out! -- Small Pet Select -- we are an ambassador for Small Pet Select! Click on the link on the left and you get a 15% discount on your order AND you benefit our rescue, as we get a small percentage of every order as well! -- Chins-n-Hedgies -- this is a chinchilla and hedgehog forum which has a wealth of good information on chinchillas. -- Chinchillas -- What They Are, How to Care for One, and Interview with a Breeder -- cute and informative video made partly here at NWI. -- Adopt Me Blog -- This is a blog featuring adoptable animals, including some of our very own critters from here! -- Laura's Photos -- this is a photography website run by an awesome photographer who photographed Taffy (one of our past dogs) and several of our rescue chinchillas. She does awesome work and comes highly recommended for your pet (or other!) photos! -- TJ's Chinchilla Supplies -- this is a chinchilla supply website run by a friend of mine. She sells chinchilla chew toys, treats, food, and various other items. Great prices, very quick shipping, and all around great to deal with. -- Twilight Chinchillas -- another chinchilla supply website run by a friend. She makes awesome custom hidey houses -- you imagine it, she can probably build it! She also has the best toys! Sales help benefit her bird rescue.. -- Quality Cage Crafters -- this site sells great cages for chinchillas at reasonable prices. Also sells the Chin Spin and Flying Saucer wheels. Please be aware, turnaround time for these cages is not very quick, so please order well in advance of bringing home a chinchilla! -- Martins Cages -- this site sells great cages for chinchillas and other animals at reasonable prices. Call to order the cages without the wire shelving or ledges (reduces the prices), so that you can add your own wooden ledges. -- E-store -- sells the Silver Surfer chinchilla wheel, and many other great products. -- Chin Chat Comics -- cutest chin comics you'll ever read! -- Ancerix -- Indiana Animal Shelters / Rescues -- this site lists animal shelters and rescue organizations in Indiana. Every state has it's own page with rescues / shelters listings, along with their address, phone number, email, and more!

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