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Our Chinchillas

This page contains pictures of just a small sampling of our chinchillas.  Some of our chinchillas are strictly pet chins, others are breeder chins -- regardless, they are all loved and treated the same!  Definitely spoiled the same as well.  All of our breeders have chew toys in their cages and are happy and healthy, just like the pet chins.

Please note that these chinchillas (below) are our personal chinchillas.  The chinchillas on this page are not for sale.

To see the stories of our chinchillas and rescues which have passed, visit our Rainbow Bridge page.

In 2003, we started out with one chinchilla, then got another, and became addicted.  This is the chinchilla that started it all!  The first one I ever purchased, a standard grey male.  We named him Winx, because he "winked" at us.  Winx passed on December 27, 2014, but we keep his pictures here because he was a special chinchilla to us.


The beige chinchilla in the last pic is Moki, our second chinchilla who we affectionately referred to as our "alligator-chin."

This was Toby. Toby was bred by Randy Jagielo, and had Ritterspach, Bob Myers, and 6Okes lines.  Despite having good lines, he decided when he was young that he did not want to breed, and has been a spoiled pet chin ever since, living the posh pet life until he passed in 2017.

Of course... we have more than two chinchillas!  The chins above were our original favorites, and retain a special place in our hearts.  

...and of course we have to show you our first two Royal Persian Angoras! -- Swiffer (white mosaic male) and Dust Bunny (standard grey female)

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