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Mazuri Chinchilla Chow is a complete ration in pellet form designed especially for chinchillas in all phases of their life cycle.  Mazuri is a palatable, sweet-smelling alfalfa-based pellet designed to meet the nutritional needs of chinchillas.
Note: All food sold is fresh.  We would not sell food that we, ourselves, would not use.  We check mill dates to ensure freshness. 
Note: for orders of Mazuri that are over 4 pounds, a flat rate box is the way to go to save on shipping.  The price of shipping varies widely across the U.S. - before you pay, please let us check if shipping is accurate, and adjust your shipping cost if needed.
$1.75 per pound
$40 for a 25 pound bag (pickup ONLY)

Chinchilla Food - Mazuri Chin Chow - $1.75 per pound

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