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Ever wanted to help out, but not sure how?  Help us feed and care for our rescue chinchillas by sponsoring one! 
The average chinchilla goes through 2-3 pounds of food, 2-3 pounds of hay, 1+ pounds dust, and at least a portion of a chew toy... every month!  We estimate that this costs at least $10 per chinchilla per month.  While some chinchillas are adopted quickly, others stay here for quite some time.  We've had quite a few, less-adoptable-chinchillas, that have stayed at the rescue well over a year!  Of course, we provide whatever they need while they are here with us, but due to people's desire to directly help the chins, we have added this listing.
Just for example -- in 2016, we adopted out over 200 chinchillas!  While this did bring in quite a bit in adoption fees, we spent just shy of $27,000 (a loss of $4,000 from what we brought in), to run the rescue.  The costs of a few pounds of food here, a few pounds of hay there, really does add up!  
But you can help!   For $10 a month, you can sponsor one of our rescue chinchillas.  You can choose one to sponsor, if one really grabs your heart, but you don't have to... there are always chinchillas to feed and care for that your sponsorship can be applied to!  Every little bit makes a difference!
For sponsoring a chinchilla, you will get a donation thank you card mailed to you, with a photo of the chinchilla that you are sponsoring and some info about that chinchilla.  Your name will be added to our donations page, as well as added to the listing of the chinchilla on our website, so other people can see your generosity. 
P.S. the chin pictured is Big Guy, a chinchilla in our rescue in 2019.  
Is there a specific chinchilla that you would like to sponsor?

Sponsor a Rescue Chinchilla For a Month!

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