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This toy is made from pine wood and a loofah!  For the loofah-loving chins, this is a great alternative to our Zany Loofah Toy, and allows them to celebrate their love of the cold...all year round!  The top hat wood pieces are colored with human-grade food coloring.
Due to the size variation of pieces of loofah and size variation of hat pieces, this chew toy varies from 8-9" long.
Please note: this snowman will always have a two-piece top hat that is colored black. food coloring is fickle and more difficult to work with than other colors, so while the hat in the picture looks BLACK black, in reality, this color ranges from a pale / worn black to closer to the dark black shown in the picture.  It will always be black... just... to always get a really dark deep black sometimes requires such a ridiculous amount of food color that you wouldn't want your pets chewing on it (depending on the grain of wood... some dye really dark, others really light)... so we choose to mix up a normal amount of black food coloring, and whatever black (light or dark) that gives us is what will be on the toys. Just be aware, it may be more of a pale black than what is pictured.

Snowman Hanging Chew Toy

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