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One of our newest items is this 7.25" pine tunnel! We've made these on request before, but now we are going to make and stock them full time!
This is a 7.25" tunnel, so it is 7.25" long x 7.5" deep x 6" high. There are openings on both ends (hence, tunnel) and there's also a 4.25" circular opening on the front (big enough for even the fluffiest of chinchillas / guinea pigs / prairie dogs). The back features two bolts with hardware, so this tunnel can be attached to either the top or the side of the cage. The top of the cage, you might ask? Think your pet can't jump vertically through a hole like that? You might be surprised! Most chinchillas can, as can a lot of other small animals! Though this tunnel is versatile! It can be attached to the side of the cage as well, if you prefer.

Small Pine Wood Tunnel

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