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Do you love surprises?  If you answered YES, then this pillow grab bag is for you!
You will receive TWO surprise-patterned pillows, at a reduced cost!  You can choose whether you'd like these to be girl-themed, boy-themed, one of each, or a complete surprise!  
These pillows can feature some of the colors / patterns that we have available here in our shop... or some we may not! You just never know what you will get! That's the fun surprise in this! What you DO know is that all pillows received will be made of chinchilla (and small animal) safe fleece.  We have all sizes of pillows, but all pillows will be at least 3" long.
We make these pillows for our chinchillas, though we have also had people use them for all sorts of other animals such as guinea pigs, sugar gliders, prairie dogs, rats, degus, squirrels, other wildlife, and more!
Should these pillows get dirty, they can be hand-washed or even put in the washing machine!
As always, proceeds from the sale of these items goes directly to benefit and care for the small animals at our rescue -- NWI Chinchilla Rescue!

Pillow Grab Bag -- TWO pillows!

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