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Rosehips are a healthy treat for your chinchilla. They are an excellent source of Vitamin C as well as several other minerals. Rosehips support a healthy immune system as well.   Rosehips should be fed no more than once or twice per day.
We sell only organic rosehips - only the best for your furry fluffballs.
Please note -- these are organic rosehip nibbles -- nibble sized pieces (seed-free!) of rosehips that we have sorted out from our batches of whole rosehips.  You actually receive more edible nibbles than you would with the same amount of whole rosehips, as the seeds inside whole rosehips add a considerable amount of weight.  One of our pictures shows a 3 oz. bag of rosehip nibbles (right) and a 3 oz. bag of whole rosehips (left) next to each other, for comparison purposes.
$4.00 for 3 oz.

Organic Rosehip Nibbles -- 3 oz.

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