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This is yet another extension of our anything goes toy line!  This toy starts out like our 6" original anything goes toy, but instead of being a natural toy (like the original) or being a colored toy (like the colored vesion), this one is our Hibiscus Anything Goes Toy!
To make this toy, we steep hibiscus petals to create our hibiscus coloring, and then soak all the wood pieces in this coloring for 12+ hours.  This 12 hour soak is necessary to get the light purple color that you see on the wood, and it also infuses the wood with fun hibiscus flavor!
Definitely something new for your chin or small critter.
Please note: there are two toys pictured (so you can see how they may look different, since they are anything goes toys), but each listing is for ONE toy.

Hibiscus Flavored / Colored Anything Goes Toy

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