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Does your chin like our healthy treat mix?  Apparently many of them do, as we've been asked to make a larger version, so here we have the Healthy Treat Mix XL!
This Healthy Treat Mix XL allows your chin to try a variety of our most popular healthy treats -- rosehips, hawthorn berries, and rosebuds!  
While our regular Healthy Treat Mix contains 3+ ounces of herbs (approx. 1+ ounce of each), this is almost double the size!  In our Healthy Treat Mix XL, we're able to fit just shy of 6 ounces total of the herbs!  That's about 2 ounces of each healthy treat!  More for your chin to enjoy!  And of course, they also come in a nice jar for storage purposes.
$15.50 each

Healthy Treat Mix XL

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