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This listing is for one of our newest items -- a hammock shelf!  Lots of fun for your chinchilla or other small animal.  They can hang out in the hammock, go through the hole up to the shelf, sit on the shelf, chew on the shelf...or do whatever they'd like!  And possibly the best part, you can hang a hammock somewhere other than at the top of your cage! 
This is a 10" shelf with a hole drilled through it (4.25" -- plenty big for even the fluffiest chins), and a hammock hanging from the bottom by eyelet hooks!  The shelf includes two hanger bolts / washers / wingnuts (installed of course) for hanging on the cage, and of course, your choice of hammock!  
This item is priced at $25 and includes any of our hammocks!
Please choose a hammock from the "hammocks" category in the webstore, that you would like included with your hammock shelf!  Sorry, the hammock pictured is not available, though we have many other great patterns for you to choose from!
Which pattern hammock would you like with this hammock shelf?

Hammock Shelf

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