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This is our Cottage Hidey House.  This hidey house is 11" long x 8" deep x 7.5" high.  This is our medium sized hidey house - it is bigger than the standard and the double entry hidey houses, but smaller than the port-hole hidey house.  This hidey house has one large circular entryway and two windows on the front.  A second entryway is on one of the sides.
These cottage hidey houses are made of 1" thick pine wood.
These hidey houses can be customized with more entrances or windows for $1 each, or hardware to attach the hidey house to the cage for $2.
Want this item dyed a certain color with food coloring? Make sure to add the "COLOR your hidey house or vehicle" item to your shopping cart!
Please note : due to the thickness of the wood, these hidey houses weigh 3-4 pounds.  The shipping cost reflects this.
Also, please note that this item is typically made to order, and can take up to two weeks to be shipped out. 
Would you like to be secure to attach this hidey house to the side of your cage?  Then be sure to add our "hidey house hardware" item ($2.00) to your cart as well.

Cottage Hidey House

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