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Now you can get your own chinchilla keychain! You can get one to match the color of the chinchilla you have, or maybe your favorite color chinchilla, or hey, collect them all!!
These are vinyl keychains made by a dear friend who owns her own small business, so by buying one of these, you'll actually be supporting TWO small businesses! What's better than that, right?
These chinchilla keychains measure approx. 3.75" tall (including the snap closure and split ring -- the chinchilla itself measures 2" tall). The keychains are approx. 2.5" wide.
This listing is for the chinchilla keychain in the pink white / mosaic color. The vinyl is what's called "white fluidity" which is a patterned vinyl which looks different, depending on how the light hits it! We included several pictures of this keychain so you can see the pattern under various lighting. How neat, right? This chinchilla has a white belly and pink ears (which would, in theory, make it a pink white)... but... the markings on the chinchilla are grey, which would make it a mosaic!  So... it's your call!  This one can be either / or!

Chinchilla Keychain -- Pink White / Mosaic

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