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Here we have some chinchilla-themed ornaments! These are glass ornament balls that we have filled with chinchilla fur!
We collect this fur while grooming our rescue animals and cleaning their cages. No animals are harmed in the making of these ornaments!
We have several colors for you to choose from. More hopefully coming in the future, but right at the moment we have:
White mosaic / pink white -- fur from a white chinchilla with occasionally some grey fur (on a mosaic) or beige fur (on a pink white) mixed in
Beige -- fur from a beige chinchilla
Standard grey -- fur from a standard grey (salt and pepper) chinchilla
-- this listing is for the standard grey fur ornament, see other listings for the other colors 
We also have two sizes of these ornaments available. The larger is 3" from bail to bottom of globe (this listing), and the smaller is 1.5" from bail to bottom of globe (see other listings).
As always, the proceeds from the sale of these items benefit the animals in our chinchilla and small animal rescue, NWI Chinchilla Rescue!

Chinchilla Fur Ornament -- Large -- Standard Grey

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