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Do you just need to order Tradition? Get 11 pounds in a medium flat rate box (USPS Priority shipping) for $23.00.

Price includes :
$12.10 - 11 pounds Tradition / Hubbard Life Chin Chow
$16.25 - USPS Flat Rate Shipping - Medium Box - and packaging / handling
---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
$28.35 Total


More than 100 years of experience is incorporated in every bag of Tradition brand feed. This time honored feed manufacturing skill is enhanced by modern technology, and this pellet is formulated and manufactured using carefully selected, wholesome ingredients.
  Tradition is a food used by the majority of chinchilla ranchers and breeders in the United States. It is a pelleted food that was popular back at it's inception and is still widely used today. It is one of the top chinchilla foods in the country.

Chinchilla Food -- Tradition (Hubbard Life) -- 11 lbs. (flat rate)

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