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Want to get even more of everything you need in one place, without having to buy everything separate? Now you can! With this Value Care Pack, you get all of the basic necessities all in one place.
This Value Pack includes 8 pounds of chinchilla food (Tradition), 3 lbs. timothy/alfalfa hay cubes, 3 lb. dust, a baggie of chews/treats, and two small hanging toys (or one large hanging toy).
Shipping is already included in the price of this care pack. Unfortunately, when you purchase this Value Care Pack, there is not extra room in the box for anything else -- additional items will have to ship separately.

$8.80 - 8 pounds of Tradition Chinchilla Pellets
$4.50 - 3 pounds of Hay Cubes
$6.75 - 3 pounds of Chinchilla Bath Dust
$3.50 - Baggie of chews/treats
$8.00 - Two Small Hanging Toys OR One Large Hanging Toy
$22.25 - Shipping (USPS - Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Box) & Handling
  ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------
  $53.80 Total
Please specify which hanging toy you would like with your value pack -- options: (1) two anything goes toys, or (2) two muncher's delight toys, or (3) pumice and triangles, or (4) fun chewies, or (5) anything goes PLUS.

Chinchilla Care Pack - Value Pack - Tradition

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