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These are loofah soaps! We got the inspiration to make these (as well as some other soaps) due to our love of soap and our love of chinchillas! You see, we use a favorite chinchilla item in the soaps -- loofah!
Loofah soaps are a fun twist on normal soaps as they not only clean, but also gently exfoliate! They do this by having the loofah incorporated right into the middle of the soap! There are multiple benefits to this. This helps give the soap more "grip" during washing, and helps you keep a hold of it, while also scrubbing away dead skin and providing a relaxing exfoliating effect! Also, there is no need to use a poofy, sponge, or washcloth with this soap, as you can use the soap itself!
Our avocado cucumber loofah soap is made with an avocado cucumber white soap base with a natural loofah slice inside.  These soaps measure just under 3" wide and are about 1/2" thick. These soaps are wrapped in saran wrap, to keep them fresh until you are ready to use them!
PLEASE NOTE: this is the last soap of this type that we will be making, so you will receive the EXACT soap pictured.
This soap is made at NWI Chinchillas in Chesterton, IN, and of course, as with all our items, all proceeds go back to funding our chinchilla rescue!
As with any bath and body product, please discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Please help your soap last longer by keeping it dry between uses.

Avocado Cucumber White Soap Base, Loofah Sponge

Avocado Cucumber Loofah Soap w/ Raised Loofah (for humans)

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