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Do you love surprises? Do you also love saving money? If you answered YES, then this hammock grab bag is for you!
You will receive either TWO surprise-patterned hammocks, at a reduced cost! Please indicate if you'd like boy patterns / colors, girl patterns / colors, or if you'd like to be surprised!
If you DO choose one of the multi-hammock grab bags, and would like the hammocks to be different options (for example, one boy pattern, one girl pattern, one surprise), please mention this below!
These hammocks can feature some of the colors / patterns that we have available here in our shop... or some we may not! You just never know what you will get! That's the fun surprise in this! What you DO know is that all hammocks received will be our square 13-14" hammocks, made of chinchilla (and small animal) safe fleece. If you select one of the multi-hammock options, we will send a different hammock for each (rather than multiple identical hammocks).
We make these hammocks for our chinchillas, though we have also had people use them for all sorts of other animals such as guinea pigs, sugar gliders, prairie dogs, rats, degus, squirrels, other wildlife, and more!
All hammocks come with metal grommets in the corners, to prevent your critters from chewing them down, as well as a split ring and snap clip to attach the hammock to your cage. Hammock pictures are often taken without these hardware pieces on the hammock, so please view the last photo in the listing, which shows one of our hammocks, complete with grommets and hanging hardware.
Because of the way we attach our grommets and hanging hardware, these hammocks have no "inner" or "outer" side -- you can hang them either with the patterned side facing either in or out. How neat! They can also be put in the washing machine for easy care to keep them clean, should they get dirty.
These hammocks can be hung in a variety of ways. Does your small pet like a more taught hammock? Hang these hammocks on bars of the cage farther apart, to give it more support. Does your pet like more of an enclosed space, like sugar gliders often do? Hang the hooks of the hammock on bars closer together, so the hammock hangs down like a pouch with several openings. Very versatile!
As always, proceeds from the sale of these items goes directly to benefit and care for the small animals at our rescue -- NWI Chinchilla Rescue!
Would you like boy colors / patterns, girl colors / patterns, or surprises?

Grab Bag Hammock -- 2 SURPRISE Hammocks!

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