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Used Cages

**Sorry, but we CANNOT ship these cages** 


We have our used cages for sale on this page.  Please note a few things:

  • Not all cages are meant to house chinchillas full-time.  Some cages are only ok as temporary/quarantine cages for chinchillas, but would be too small for a chinchilla to actually be housed in for any length of time.  Each cage lists what pets the cage would work for.
  • Some cages have new shelves, some cages have used shelves.  The fact that shelves are used is reflected in the price of the cage.
  • Used shelves are clean and are perfectly safe for your pet to use and chew.  They have been sanded and sterilized.
  • Some cages are marked as having broken bars that have been repaired with cold weld.  Repairing bars with cold weld makes the bars as strong as they were before they ever broke.  No shelves are attached to the broken bars, and there is no chance the bars will break again.  The reason for this being noted is because cold weld is dark grey in color, and may stand out from the color of the cage bars.
  • All photos are clickable and will open up the picture as a larger image.
  • All cages CAN be sold without any shelves whatsoever, if you would like to make your own.  If you are interested in just getting the cage "shell," email us and I'll get back to you with the price.

Need some accessories to go with that used cage?  Ask us about used items we might have for other animals, or check out our Supplies for Sale page!

Scroll down for cage listings:

  • Cage 1 -- Marchioro Small Guinea Pig / Dwarf Rabbit / Rat Cage / Temp. Cage
  • Cage 2 -- Small Guinea Pig / Dwarf Rabbit / Rat Cage / Temp. Cage

Cage 1 -- Marchioro Small Guinea Pig / Dwarf Rabbit / Rat Cage / Temporary Cage


  • Marchioro Guinea pig or small animal cage
  • 23" wide x 15" deep x 16" high
  • 1" bar spacing
  • Plastic base with wire
  • Has two doors (front and top of the cage)
  • No shelving included
  • No broken bars
  • No rust on cage
  • Cage breaks down for easy transport (though should fit in just about any vehicle)
  • Good for:  this cage isn't very big.  Can be good for temporary housing for a number of animals, might work for young rabbits / guinea pigs.  Young rats would probably fit through the bars, but adults and large rats might be ok.  Could work good as a cage you keep your critter in while cleaning the larger cage.  Or a good intro cage for a variety of small animals.

Price -- $20 -- SOLD