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One of our newer items, we have available this hand-made wood chinchilla decoration!
This wooden chinchilla is made from kiln dried pine wood. We hand-cut all the pieces on our band saw, meticulously sand them down to perfection, and assemble the chinchilla, piece by piece!
This chinchilla measures 6" long (nose to tail), 1.5" wide (side to side, at the widest part), and 3.25" high (feet to tips of ears).
This wooden chinchilla is versatile! You can use it as a decoration in the house, as a toy for your kids (guaranteed not to bite!), or you can put it in your pet's cage and let them chew on it! It's perfectly safe for any of these, or many other things that you might choose to do with it!
As always, all proceeds from the sale of this item benefit the chinchillas and other animals in our rescue, NWI Chinchilla Rescue!

Pine Wood Chinchilla Decoration / Toy

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