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Ever wanted to name one of our rescue chinchillas?  You could do this in honor of someone you know, or as a tribute to someone, or just cause you like the name... whatever!  Well, now you can!  
The money raised from naming the chinchillas will go to feed and care for all the rescue chinchillas in our care.  Some of the owner-surrender chinchillas come in without names, and all of the culled breeders (chins that would otherwise be put-down, due to not breeding) that come in do not have names... but you can give them a name and identity!
For $10, you can name a chinchilla!  If you'd like, you can specify what color  / sex / age chin you'd like named your name... though keep in mind, our rescues don't always tend to be fancy colors!  
When naming a chin, you will get a donation thank you card mailed to you, with a photo of the chinchilla that you are naming and some info about that chinchilla.  Your name will also be added to our donations page, as well as added to the listing of the chinchilla on our website, so other people can see your generosity.
P.S. the chinchilla in the picture is an un-named young white female that was a cull from a large herd, because she started fur chewing.  She unfortunately was not named before she found her own family, but of course they gave her a name!  She is just one example, but there's always chinchillas in our rescue that need names!  
What would you like to name the chin? Story behind the name? Any specific color / sex chin that you'd like the name to be for?

NAME a Rescue Chinchilla

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