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This sale will run through the end of April. Chinchillas must be adopted or have a deposit down by April 30th to qualify for the sale price!

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  • 4 month old white violet male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 11/10/19 -- SALE!!  NOW $200!!

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4 Month Old White Violet Male Chinchilla Kit (Baby)

We have a white violet (we think?) male chinchilla who’s looking for his new home. We have down that he was born 11/10/19, which makes him four months old.

This boy looks to be a white violet, based on the color of his markings… though he may just be a lightly marked mosaic. Regardless, he is a white, and he has some fun markings! As you can see from his pictures, he is mostly white with some shading on his face, as well as two dark patches on the right side of his body, on his upper leg and upper hip.

The perfect words to describe this cutie are “spring-loaded.” Boing boing boing boing boing!!! He is all over the place energetic. He will come right up to the front of the cage… to see if he cn get past you, or just keep exploring beyond where you are blocking him from going. He loves to bounce off the walls and even climb the cage walls at times. Energy for days (I wish I had this problem). He’s still too young for playtime, but we’re sure that once he’s old enough (6+ months) he will just LIVE for it. When you’re holding this boy, he’s actually not too bad, and he is calmer than when he’s hopping around his cage, and he can be held and petted, for short periods of time anyway… you just have to catch him first! Sweet boy (we swear!), he doesn’t bite.

He would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who wants an ACTIVE chinchilla.

The adoption fee for this white violet male chinchilla is $250

SALE!!  Adopt me now for $200!!