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Chinchillas priced at $75 -- $10 off

Chinchillas $100-200 -- $25 off

Chinchillas $225+ -- $50 off

In addition to the sale prices, you ALSO get to pick out one of our Anything Goes Jars! These are jars that are all different, and they are packed with high-value snacks / herbs / treats / chews / and more! This gives you the opportunity to try out new stuff!

This sale will run through the end of April. Chinchillas must be adopted or have a deposit down by April 30th to qualify for the sale price!

Chinchillas Listed On This Page

  • 4.75 year old white ebony female chinchilla -- retired breeder -- dob 6/21/2015 -- SALE!!  NOW $175!!
  • Yoko -- 8.5 year old standard grey male chinchilla -- dob 1/2011 -- SALE!!  NOW $65!!

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  • none at this time

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4.75 Year Old White Ebony Female Chinchilla -- retired breeder

We have a white ebony mosaic female chinchilla who’s looking for her new home. This female was born on 6/21/2015, which means she’s just shy of turning 5 years old. This girl is actually one of our retired breeders and is now ready to live the posh, pet life!

She’s a white ebony, which means she’s white with usually dark markings. As you can see from her pictures, she’s got a white base coat, and then has dark markings all over the place! She’s got a dark mask on her face, all four dark paws / legs, dark around the base of her ears, and dark at the base of her tail. Really a unique look!

She has a great personality to match her stunning looks! She is a very sweet girl. She’s curious, but cautious, which makes it so that she’s not psychotic and all over the place. She’s cool with checking things out, but she’s also cool with hanging out with you. She’s very easy to pick up and she enjoys being scratched behind her ears. She does well with being handled and petted, and she will sit pretty nicely when you’re petting her. Super sweet girl. She doesn’t bite.

This girl would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had one.

This chinchilla is currently caged alone. However, if you interested in pairing her up with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The fee for this white ebony mosaic female chinchilla is $200

SALE!!  Adopt me now for $175!!

8.5 Year Old Standard Grey Male Chinchilla -- "Yoko"

We have a standard grey male chinchilla that is looking for his new home. His name is Yoko! Yoko came to us when his previous family was traveling so much that they were never home for him. He’s now settled in with us and he’s ready to find a home of his own! Yoko was born around 11/2011, which makes him right about 8.5 years old. Great time to take him home!

Yoko’s color is called standard grey, which is a salt and pepper grey color over his back and a white belly. How pretty! This is the classic color in chinchillas.

Yoko is a character – we call him Mr. Crabby. He LOVES to bark at people. He does this moreso when he’s first settling in, and you can probably expect this for at least the first couple of months. He does this purely to intimidate, as he’s actually a very sweet boy, he just wants to seem all tough and mighty! When you go to pick him up, he’s actually not all that difficult to pick up, you just can’t be intimated by his barking. Think of him as the big Harley guy who’s really the big softie underneath! When you’ve got him in your arms and you’re holding him, he actually does pretty well with being handled and petted and he will sit pretty nicely in your arms and chill with you. He just takes some time to settle in. Very sweet boy, he doesn’t bite.

Due to Yoko needing more time to settle in, we’d recommend that he go to a home with older children, such as teenagers and older. The people of the household need to know that incessantly bothering him, especially at the beginning, is only going to make this time period last even longer, and he really does need time to settle in and grow to trust his new family.

The adoption fee for Yoko is $75

SALE!!  Adopt me now for $65!!

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