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  • 6 month old standard grey vc male chinchilla -- dob 12/7/18 -- on hold w/ deposit for Monica S.

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6 Month Old Standard Grey VC Male Chinchilla

Please note: this chinchilla is on hold for Monica S. w/ deposit

We have a standard grey male chinchilla who’s looking for his new home. He came to NWI not long ago and he is now ready to go to his new home! We have down that he was born on 12/7/2018, which makes him just now 6 months old. Great time to take him home.

This male’s color is called standard grey, which means he is grey over most of his body, except for his belly, which is white.

This chinchilla is a pretty chill little guy. He’s relatively easy to pick up and he does pretty well with being handled and petted. He’s still curious though, and wants to check out things here and there, don’t you go thinking he’s boring! When you’re holding him, he will chill with you, but occasionally wants to explore, and then chill again, and then explore. There’s just so much out there to explore! He will sometimes tuck his head in the crook of your arm like a little ostrich and look oh-so-adorable! In addition to looking cute, it gives you even more cuddle time with him, even better, right? Very sweet boy, doesn’t bite.

This chinchilla would make a good “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had one before.

This chinchilla is currently caged alone, and we don’t know how he does with others. However, if you interested in pairing him up with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The adoption fee for this standard grey vc male chinchilla is $135

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Please note: this chinchilla is on hold for Monica S. w/ deposit