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  • Kirk, Spock, & McCoy -- 8+ year old trio of male chinchillas (brothers) -- TOV ebony (Kirk), violet (Spock), & ebony (McCoy) -- furchewers -- dob 9/2011 or earlier

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Trio of 8+ Year Old Male Brother Chinchillas -- "Kirk," "Spock," & "McCoy"

We have a trio of male chinchillas that are looking for their new home. These boys are named Kirk, Spock, & McCoy. They are a senior trio of brothers (all males). These boys came into the rescue when their previous home was no longer able to care for them. They were not 100% sure on their age, but they could say that they were at least 8 years old, so we are putting their date of birth at 9/2011, or earlier.

We have quite the color variety in this trio, so we can only imagine what the parents must have been! Kirk is a TOV ebony (ebony with a TOV / black velvet gene), Spock is a violet, and McCoy is an ebony. All three chinchillas are furchewers, so their fur doesn’t look as smooth and “nice” as your typical chinchilla, but this is simply cosmetic – it’s like us biting our fingernails. It doesn’t harm anything, other than how they look.

Along with the various of colors, these boys have the variety of personalities! Kirk is the friendliest of the three. He’s the one that is most often right at the front of the cage, peering out, wanting to see what all is going on. Surveying his kingdom, if you will. He’s the easiest to scoop up into your arms and he will actually chill with you. He does great with being handled and petted, and he is super sweet. He’s the one that can be held the longest, and he’s pretty content with just chilling with you.

McCoy is the middle chin on the friendly scale, and also the middle one in terms of how easy he is to catch. He can sometimes make you work to pick him up, at times, but he also can be very sweet. He likes to move around a bit more when you’re handling him, but if you can get him to tuck his head into the crook of your arm, ostrich-style, he will chill with you and relax for a bit longer. He’s a bit more on the active side.

Spock is the most energetic of the bunch. He definitely takes the most effort to pick up, as he’s learned the best places to hide! He likes being held with good support – if you dangle him in mid-air, he will let you know that he is not happy with his squeals (so, don’t do that – support the chin!). When you’re holding him in your arms, he prefers a looser grip – so no death grips – but no dangling either. He’s definitely got preferences! He is cautiously curious, and he does want to check things out… but at his pace.

As a trio, they’re really interesting, in that you have a little bit of everything here! The chins range from more friendly to less, and more active to less… perfect combo for three chins!

None of these chinchillas have ever bitten anyone.

These boys are a trio and can only go to their new home together. Please do not contact us asking to adopt any less than all three of them. They are bonded chinchillas and will be staying together. They are often sitting and sleeping together, on the same shelf, and we know you will find that oh so cute!!

These boys would make great “first chinchillas” for someone who’s never had one before.

The adoption fee for Kirk, Spock, & McCoy is $300

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