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Purple Feathers Fleece Pillows

$2.50 $3.50

These are chinchilla (or other animal) pillows! They are made of chinchilla safe fleece, and of course are also stuffed with chinchilla safe fleece. Safe for all small animals! Even for you to throw around for the dog if you'd like!

These pillows are done in the a fabric that is a bright purple color with brightly colored feathers on them!  This pattern is on both sides of the pillow.  You sure won't miss this one!  

Please note the size of these pillows by looking at the ruler in the bottom of the pic. The ruler is a 6" ruler.

Pleae note that by buying this item, you are buying ONE pillow. If you would like to buy multiple pillows out of the same listing, please come back and make another choice to add to your cart as well. The price listed below is for EACH pillow.

$3.50 each

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