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Bold Stripes Hanging Fleece House #3


This is a hanging fleece house with bold stripes on it! Perfect for the bold chinchilla in your life! The interior of the house is done in a medium blue to accent the colors on the outside.

The two pictures are of the top and bottom sides of the house that you will receive.

The other two pictures show how these houses hang with a fleece chinny and even with a real chinny modeling a house!

These houses can easily fit a full grown chinchilla or two (or similarly sized animals -- some people use these as guinea pig snuggle sacks!). They hang from the top of the cage with split rings and snap hooks (included). They measure 9" across from hook to hook, and hang down about the same distance with some weight (from the animal) inside them. Very cozy little hideouts! All made from chinchilla-safe fleece of course!

$20 each

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