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Red w/ Flowers Cuddlebuddy #2

$7.50 $8.50

This is a cuddlebuddy! The body of this cuddlebuddy is made from red fleece with beige & blue flowers.  The ears, tail, and belly are also made from a dark blue fleece to match the blue on the flowers.  It is stuffed with only chinchilla-safe fleece as well.

These cuddlebuddies are versatile! Your chinchilla can snuggle with them, throw them around, do unmentionables with them... alternatively, you can use them as a decoration, or your kid can have them as a stuffed animal, or they can be used as a dog toy (no squeaker though). We've seen these used for just about everything!

Each cuddlebuddy is slightly different, but they typically are about 7-8" long (nose to rear), 4" wide (side to side), and 4" high.

$8.50 each

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