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Diggers Fleece Tube

$17.00 $20.00

This tube has a fleece cover that is a firery red color and features cool construction digging equipment!  How neat! 

Please note: you may notice on the picture how one side of the tube appears wider than the other.  This is because the PVC pipe that we use to make the tubes is flared on one end (so the pipes would fit into each other... if they were actually being used as pipes).  This is that "end piece" -- the smaller end is 6' wide and the larger end, is, well, a bit flared out.  Because this doesn't have such a clean look to it as the typical tubes, we are putting this specific fleece tube on sale for $17 (instead of the usual $20).

Fleece tubes are 10" PVC tubes covered in chinchilla-safe fleece. They are drilled for hanging inside of a cage. All fleece tubes come with 2 bolts with washers and wingnuts for hanging inside of a cage. These fleece tubes are versatile! They can be bolted to the top or the side of the cage -- however you or your pet prefers!

This listing is for a tube, hardware, and fleece cover. For just a cover, please see a FLEECE TUBE - COVER ONLY listing for choices. For a tube alone, see the Tube listing.

$20 each

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