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We currently have several chinchillas and other critters up for adoption!

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  • 10 year old hetero beige female chinchilla -- tear duct issue / allergies -- culled breeder -- dob 2007
  • Chili Mac -- 4-5 year old standard grey female chinchilla -- needs experienced home -- dob 2012-2013
  • Jersey -- 3.5 year old homo beige female chinchilla -- retired breeder -- fur chewer -- dob 8/17/14
  • Finn -- 3 year old TOV ebony male chinchilla -- dob approx. 11/2015 -- fostered in Newton County, IN
  • 5 month old tan male chinchilla -- dob approx. 8/22/17
  • Freddy -- 7 year old standard grey female chinchilla -- needs experienced home -- dob 2011 -- comes with decked our Feisty Ferret Cage
  • 4.5 month old black velvet male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob approx. 9/15/17
  • 5 year old HUGE standard grey female chinchilla -- culled breeder -- dob approx. 12/2012
  • ---
  • "Fluffy" -- hetero beige female, unknown age (best guess -- 3-5 years) -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • MNWI H74 -- 4 month old white ebony curly (locken) carrier male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 9/30/17 -- pedigreed -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • Henry & Sweet Pea -- 9-10 year old neutered hetero beige male & standard grey female bonded chinchilla pair -- Henry dob July 2008 & Sweet Pea dob August 2009 -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • 6 year old standard grey male chinchilla -- culled breeder -- dob approx. 12/2011 -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • 4 month old TOV ebony male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob approx. 10/1/17 -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • Wife & Daughter -- mom & daughter pair (3 & 5 years old) chinchillas -- homo beige and pink white -- dob approx. 2015 & 2013 -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • MNWI H88 -- 3.5 month old standard grey male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 10/17/17 -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • 5 month old dark ebony male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob approx. 9/9/17 -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • Jerry -- 4 year old dark ebony male chinchilla -- dob approx. 12/2013 -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • MNWI H85 -- 3 month old medium ebony curly carrier male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 10/25/17 -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • MNWI H89 -- 3 month old goldbar male chinchilla kit (baby) -- fur chewer -- dob 10/29/17 -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • Bake -- senior standard grey male chinchilla (8+ years old) -- dob approx. 2010 or before -- (see upcoming chins section)
  • ---
  • MNWI H90 -- 3 month old goldbar male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 10/29/17 -- (info coming soon)
  • 3 month old silver mosaic female chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob approx. 11/20/17 -- (info coming soon)
  • 3.5 month old mosaic male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob approx. 11/1/17 -- (info coming soon)
  • Nora -- 3-5 year old dark ebony female chinchilla -- dob 2013-2015 -- (info coming soon)
  • Snowball -- 3 year old white mosaic male chinchilla -- stub tail -- dob Feb. 2015 -- (info coming soon)
  • MNWI H94 -- 4 month old silver mosaic male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 11/19/17 -- (info coming soon)

Other Animals:

  • Crested geckos -- 1 year - 3 years -- check our our Crested Gecko Adoption Page
  • 1 year old male Rex / New Zealand Mix Rabbit -- solid red short-hair -- dob 12/24/16 -- fostered in Lowell, IN
  • Cas & Alf -- 1 year old pair of male guinea pigs -- black & white American shorthair & agouti & white Abysinnian -- dob November 2016 -- fostered in Newton County, IN
  • Tinkerbell, Bonnie, & Meow Mix -- trio of adult guinea pigs -- 2-3 years old (estimated) -- dob approx. 2015-2016 -- (info coming soon)

Chinchillas & Critters Being Evaluated (can be put on hold now and taken home soon!):

  • Ursula -- 2 year old hetero beige female chinchilla -- needs QUIET home -- dob Nov. 2015 -- on pregnancy watch, available after 5/24/18
  • Henry & Scar -- 4-5 year old male pair of chinchillas -- dob 2013-2014 -- available soon
  • Big Mama -- 3 year old black velvet female chinchilla -- dob December 2015 -- available after pregnancy watch
  • 3 month old violet female chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob approx. 12/10/17 -- available soon
  • 3 month old hetero beige female chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob approx. 12/2/17 -- available soon
  • 2 year old standard grey female chinchilla -- dob 1/14/16 -- available soon
  • 1 year old hetero beige male chinchilla -- dob 3/10/17 -- available soon
  • Clyde -- 7 year old standard grey male chinchilla -- dob 3/3/2011 -- available soon

Chinchillas & Critters Currently Pending
--these animals may/may not be again up for adoption in the future; if interested, please contact--

  • 4 month old dark ebony female chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 11/2/17 -- (on hold w/ deposit for April B.)


If you are interested in one of the chinchillas listed below, please read our sales policy on the "Chinchilla Sales Policy" page as well as the Important Adoption Information page, and contact us at [email protected] or 219-789-0026 (please leave a message) -- we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
If we do not have what you're looking for in terms of a chinchilla or other species rescue, we can always put you on our waiting list.
Want a general idea of what a certain color rescue/baby might cost you?  Take a look at our Chinchilla Pricing page (also contains pricing information for other animal rescues).
When bringing a chinchilla into your family, expect to spend at least $150-200 minimum for the chinchilla and supplies, if you do not already have the necessary items.  For a list of items you will need, and what these items will cost you, please see our Supplies Needed for a Chinchilla (w/ Price Comparison) page.
We now accept credit cards! 
 Word Documents (for download):

Unsure If a Chinchilla Is The Pet For You?  Try It Out For A Week!

Please notedue to one person taking off with our stuff and vanishing off the face of the earth, trial runs are on hold for the moment, most likely permanently.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Want to see what it would be like to have a chinchilla as a pet?  Unsure if you might be allergic?  Try our "trial run" program.  In this program, you get to take home a chinchilla, complete with cage and all needed supplies, for a week, in exchange for a $50 deposit and a copy of your drivers' license.  In order to participate, we simply ask that you sign a form acknowledging that you do not own the chinchilla/supplies, and that the chinchilla & supplies will be returned at the end of the week.  If you do not decide to adopt the chinchilla, your $50 deposit is returned.  If you do decide to adopt, the deposit can be applied to the chinchilla adoption fee.  If you would like to participate in this program, please let us know.

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Explanation of Terms

Kit -- this is the term for a baby chinchilla.  Same as how we call baby dogs, puppies. 

Dob -- date of birth.  When the chinchilla was born. 

Culled breeder -- a chinchilla that was used as a breeder at a different location (usually a large chinchilla ranch) where, when culled (removed from breeding), chinchillas are put down.  

Retired breeder -- a chinchilla used as a breeder here.  Our retired breeders are not put down, but rather, all go to pet homes.  

Up and Coming Chinchillas!

In this section, we have chins that we either haven't done full write-ups for yet, or ones that aren't quite ready for their new homes just quite yet!  It says which are which in their descriptions, but for now, here's some basic information on the furballs...
As always, we have more coming in all the time... if you're looking for something specific, please let us know, and we'll see what we can do...

For the chins with the full listings, please scroll down...

3-5 Year Old Dark Ebony Female Chinchilla -- "Nora"

This chinchilla originally came to the rescue in 2017 as a culled breeder.  She was adopted out by a great family who already has adopted one of our chinchillas.  That's where things take a turn.  In a random event, Nora bit the finger of her new mom.  Turns out... her new mom is allergic to chin saliva (which is about as un-heard of as you can get)... and spent 3 days in the ICU at the hospital, recovering.  Not from the bite... it actually wasn't all that bad... but from the allergic reaction.  While her mom is not scared of chinchillas in general, she can't risk ending up in the hospital again due to another allergic reaction, so Nora has been returned.  She is a nice chin, and her family never had any issues with her, other than that once when she bit and broke skin, causing the allergic reaction due to her saliva.

She is not a habitual biter... we haven't been bitten since having her back, and the family that had her was only bitten the once... but as she has bitten, we would not recommend that Nora go to a home with small children.

Adoption Fee -- $100

Adult Hetero Beige Female Chinchilla -- "Fluffy"

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $100

2 Month Old White Ebony Curly (Locken) Carrier Male Chinchilla Kit (Baby) -- MNWI H74

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $350

9-10 year old neutered hetero beige male & standard grey female bonded chinchilla pair -- "Henry" & "Sweet Pea"

This senior pair was surrendered because their home started developing allergies to them.

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $125

6 Year Old Standard Grey Male Chinchilla -- culled breeder

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $75

4 Month Old TOV Ebony Male Chinchilla Kit (Baby)

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $200

Pair of Mom / Daughter Female Chinchillas -- "Wife" & "Daughter"

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $200

3.5 Month Old Standard Grey Male Chinchilla Kit (Baby) -- MNWI H88

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $135

5 Month Old Dark Ebony Male Chinchilla 

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $200

4 Year Old Dark Ebony Male Chinchilla -- "Jerry"

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $100

3 Month Old Medium Ebony Curly Carrier / Locken Carrier Male Chinchilla Kit -- MNWI H85

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $350

3 Month Old Goldbar Male Chinchilla Kit (Baby) -- fur chewer -- MNWI H89

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $250

3+ Year Old Standard Grey Male Chinchilla -- "Bake"

***info coming soon***

Adoption fee -- $75

Chinchilla (and Other Critter) Listings!

1 Year Old Pair of Male Guinea Pigs -- "Cas" & "Alf"

We have a pair of male guinea pigs looking for their forever home. These guinea pigs are named Cas & Alf.

Please note:   These guinea pigs are being fostered in Newton County, IN. They can be adopted out from their foster home, or can be brought back to the rescue for adoption, depending on what is most convenient. Please allow some time to schedule an appointment to see these guinea pigs, in consideration of the fact that our fosters do have lives outside of their fostering duties.

Cas & Alf came to the rescue together when their family could no longer care for them. They have since been moved to one of our loving foster homes, where they are being lovingly cared for, until their forever home comes along.

Cas is the black and white American male guinea pig, and Alf is the agouti and white Abyssinian guinea pig. We estimate that they’re both about a year old, and have their approximate birthdate down as November 2016.

As their foster home can describe them better than we ever could, this is what they have to say about the adorable piggies:

Cas and Alf are very friendly and curious about everything. Alf is a little more timid than Cas though. They will eat treats out of our hands and wheek at us if they want treats, water, or food. Cas loves to be held and hangout. Alf is ok with being held, but since he is very timid, he only liked being out of his cage for short periods, but is good with being handled and petted.

Both of these guinea pigs have been exposed to smaller kids that are gentle, and are used to being handled and petted by them as well.

Cas and Alf are a pair of guinea pigs, and can only be adopted out together into their new home. Please do not contact us and ask if you can only adopt one guinea pig – these two must go as a pair.

These guinea pigs get along well with each other, but we make no guarantees as to whether they will get along with your guinea pig.

The adoption fee for Cas & Alf is $40

5 Year Old HUGE Standard Grey Female Chinchilla -- culled breeder

We have a standard grey female chinchilla who’s looking for her new home. She is what’s known as a “culled breeder” – she was used for breeding at a large ranch, and when she no longer was producing babies, she was pulled from breeding, and was going to be put down. Rather than have her meet that fate, we took in her and now she is available to a pet home!

The first thing you notice about this standard grey female is that she’s HUGE! She tops the scales at over 1000 grams! She’s definitely on the larger end of what chinchillas should weigh, and you need two hands to pick her up! She has a bit of that female attitude, and if she’s not feeling like being picked up, she will let you know. Usually she will just bark at you and make a ruckus, but occasionally she will spray, so be prepared! Once you have her in your arms, she usually settles right down and does well with being handled and petted. She’s typically very sweet, once you get her out of her cage… she’s just not sure about leaving the cage, I mean, come on, it’s her safe spot! Despite her sometimes showing some attitude, she has never bitten anyone.

We have down that this girl was born around December 2012, making her 5 years old. Plenty of time to enjoy the rest of her life in posh pet accommodations!

This girl is a standard grey chinchilla. That means she is the typical salt and pepper greyish color over her back, with a white belly. And since she’s huge, there’s more of her beautiful color to love!

She would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had one before, as long as they are not intimidated by her occasional barking and spraying. She’s a good girl underneath, really.

This chinchilla is currently caged alone, however, she did well when she was caged with her cagemates when she first came here. They all got along wonderfully together, so we anticipate that she might do well with buddies again. However, we cannot make any guarantees. If you are interested in pairing her up with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The adoption fee for this 5 year old huge standard grey female is $75

4.5 Month Old Black Velvet Male Chinchilla 

We have a black velvet male chinchilla who’s looking for his new home. He came to NWI just a bit ago, and is now ready to leave and go to a family of his own.

He was born around 9/15/2017, making her right around 4.5 months old. His color is called black velvet ebony, which means he is a dark black color over his back, with a nice white belly.

The best word to describe this boy is bouncy! He is on the energetic side, and loves to bounce around his cage, bounce off the walls, and check everything out. Want to hold him? Aww come on, that’s boring! Sure, you can hold him and pet him for short periods of time, but he wants to be on to bigger and better (and come on, much more fun!) thing! He’ll soon be of the age where he can have playtime, and we anticipate that he will love having a larger area to be able to fine tune his parkour skills. In the meantime, he has his cage.

This boy definitely can be held and petted, though would just prefer using you as a jungle gym, as opposed to sitting and watching tv with you (wouldn’t most chinchillas?). He’s a sweet boy, just more on the marathon-runner side of the energy scale. Sweet though, doesn’t bite.

He would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had one before, provided they understand that he is not going to just sit and “chill” with them.

This chinchilla is currently caged alone. However, if you interested in pairing him up with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The adoption fee for this black velvet male chinchilla kit (baby) is $200

5 Month Old Tan Male Chinchilla 

We have tan male chinchilla who’s looking for his new home. He came to NWI a little bit ago, and is now ready to leave and go to a family of his own.

He was born around 8/22/17, making him right around 5 months old. His color is called tan, which is a medium brown color all the way around. Whereas most chins have a white belly, tans have an ebony gene, which wraps the tan color all the way around their body, including their belly.

This chin is a curious boy. He comes up to the front of the cage to see what you're doing. He’s pretty easy to scoop up into your arms, and once he settles down for you, you can handle him and pet him just fine. He will sit in your arms to be petted for short periods of time. When he decides that you’re not as interesting as the outside world, he’ll start wanting to step out of your arms and explore the big wide world! Soon enough, he’ll be old enough to have playtime, and we’re sure he’ll enjoy checking out everything the world has to offer him! Very sweet boy, does well with being handled and petted. Doesn’t bite.

This chinchilla would make a great "first chinchilla" for someone who's never had one before.

This chinchilla is currently caged alone. However, if you interested in pairing him up with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The adoption fee for this tan male chinchilla is $200

3.5 Year Old Homo Beige Female Chinchilla -- retired breeder -- fur chewer -- "Jersey"

We have a homo beige female chinchilla who’s looking for her new home. Her name is Jersey and she’s 3.5 years old. Jersey is one of our retired breeders, and is now looking to live out her life in a posh pet home! Jersey actually produced some of our nice show animals, and we actually took her out of breeding with her last kit (baby) to give her a break… when we went to wean the baby, we noticed that Jersey had started fur chewing! This was a surprise to us, as nowhere in her lines is fur chewing… so we left her be for some time… but sadly, she’s still chewing, so she’s definitely going to be heading to a nice pet home.

Jersey’s color is called homo beige. Homo beige is the lighter of the two beige colors, where the chinchilla actually has two beige genes. It’s a very champagne-y colored beige, with a white belly.

Jersey is a very sweet girl. She’s still young and still has plenty of life left in her… just isn’t cut out for the breeding life. Very curious, she wanted to check out everything in front of her when we put her in the cage for pics. She does well with being handled and petted, and she’s never bitten anyone. She’s got a great personality and would make someone a great pet.

Fur chewing can be genetic, so this chinchilla is not to go to a breeding home. However, fur chewing is not a health condition to be overly concerned about… it’s mostly cosmetic, as the fur just looks a bit choppy where the chinchilla is chewing their fur. This is similar to a person who chews their fingernails – it doesn’t look all that nice, but it’s not really hurting anything.

Jersey would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had one before.

The adoption fee for Jersey is $100

3 Year Old TOV Ebony Male Chinchilla -- "Finn"

Please noteThis chinchilla is currently being fostered in Newton County, IN, and can be picked up either from his foster home at that location, or from the rescue in Hammond.  Please allow some time for scheduling his pickup, due to her being in a foster home.

This sweet boy is up for adoption and looking for a nice home of his own! Finn is a 3 year old TOV ebony male chinchilla. We place his birthdate at around November 2015. He came to the rescue back in the fall when his family was unable to keep him, and has been chilling at a foster home, getting more socialized and comfortable with people, ever since! He is now ready to find a home of his own!

Finn’s foster home can describe him better than we can, so in their own words:

Finn loves being talked to and will often “talk” to us and sit in his cage so he can watch us. He loves treats and his favorite ones are cheerios, shredded wheat, and rosehips. He will take the treats from our fingers and is very gentle. Finn does great at being held (he does bark at us when first taken out of his cage) and doesn’t mind being petted. He loves his playtime and getting to run around. Everyone who has met Finn thinks he is wonderful and very sweet. He doesn’t really like his hammock to sleep in and likes to clear an area of wood chips for where he sleeps. Dust baths and cardboard tubes to chew might be his favorite things to do, next to getting treats.

Finn is in a foster home with younger children, and has been exposed to them. He is used to smaller kids (that are gentle) and is used to being petted by them as well.

Finn would be a good “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had one before.

Finn is currently housed by himself. We do not know how he does with other chinchillas.

The adoption fee for Finn is $100

1 Year Old Male Rex / New Zealand Mix Rabbit

Please note: this rabbit is fostered in Lowell, IN and the adoption will take place there at the foster home, unless other arrangements are made.

We have a buck (male) rabbit up for adoption. He was one of 14 rabbits that came into the rescue together last spring… originally, an owner had an oops litter and surrendered the baby bunnies to the rescue. All 14 buns were adopted out, but unfortunately, the home that adopted this bun has had a change in circumstance, and has been unable to care for him any longer, and now he is back at the rescue and is looking for his new forever home!

This bun was were born 12/24/16, so he is just over 1 year old. He is thought to be a mix of Rex and New Zealand rabbits, and is approx. 5-7 pounds. He is a male that is solid red in color.

This rabbit is handled routinely at his foster home, and is very sweet. If he is free-roaming in the house, he is very curious and will come up to you, but may move away if you move too fast and startle him. He is super sweet and playful! He has never bitten and he does well with having his nails trimmed.

This male rabbit does NOT get along with other rabbits and he must go to a home where he will be caged separately from any other rabbits.

This rabbit is NOT neutered.

This rabbit is NOT litter box trained.

If interested in adopting, you will be asked to read our rabbit care packet, and fill out our rabbit adoption form.  No rabbits will go to their new homes without these things being done - no exceptions!

Please note:  Because rabbits are illegal to own in Hammond (where the rescue is located), these rabbits are fostered in Lowell, Indiana. Please note that if you live in Hammond, we are sorry, but you will be unable to adopt one of these rabbits. Also, please note, that when adopting, you will need to drive to Lowell, which is where the adoption will take place.

The adoption fee for this rabbit is $35

4-5 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla -- needs experienced home -- "Chili Mac"

We have a standard grey female chinchilla that is looking for her new home. Her name is Chili Mac. Chili Mac came to the rescue in March 2017, and is now ready to find a home of her own!

Her previous owner brought her in, due to less than ideal circumstances. Originally, their brother adopted Chili Mac from someone who was so allergic to her that he’d break out in hives. When the brother got her, he couldn’t keep the chin either, so his sister took her. Unfortunately, the sister was unable to take Chili Mac with her when she moved, and due to her traveling a lot with work, here she is!

Chili Mac is reported to be around 4-5 years old, and we have an approx. date of birth as 2012-2013. Chili Mac is a standard grey female, which means she is a salt-and-pepper grey color on her back and over much of her body, with a white belly.

Chili Mac can be a handful at times, and will require an experienced chinchilla owner. She prefers a nice hiding spot, so her new home MUST have a house or other hideaway for her to go in, when she needs to feel more secure. You sure don’t want to reach for her when she’s hiding, as she won’t think twice about spraying you. She does have a softer side though, as we’ve found out that she loves to get scritches! Scratch her on the side of her head / neck / ear area and she will turn her head and love it! However, she’s not a fan of being picked up and held, and she can be defensive if you move faster than her pace. We’re sure she’s a nice chinchilla under it all… she just needs a patient, experienced home to help her work through all of this. She has never bitten anyone.

The adoption fee for Chili Mac is $75

7 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla -- "Freddy" -- comes with decked out Feisty Ferret Cage

We have a standard grey female chinchilla who is looking for her new home. Her name is Freddy and she is 7 years old, born around 2011. Freddy’s story is an interesting one. We originally met her previous owners when they came to the rescue to adopt a buddy for Freddy – they adopted a brown velvet female which they named Ready. Very nice people. Unfortunately, not too long after this, they landed a job opportunity on the west coast and were apprehensive about taking the chinchillas along, so they surrendered the two chinchillas, along with their cage and accessories, to the rescue.

In the time since then, Ready came down with an illness, which she unfortunately could not recover from, and has since passed. However, Freddy is still here, and is now looking for a home. Freddy’s previous owners wanted the chins to go to their new home with their current cage, so they will. They have a Feisty Ferret cage that’s been decked out with some wooden shelves, a nice wood hidey house (built by us), glass water bottle, food dish, hammock, and so on and so forth. Freddy has a wooden shelf at the left back corner of her cage that she just loves to sleep on, that’s her favorite spot. The previous owners even installed metal scatter guards on both main levels of the cage, to keep as much mess in as possible. The cage will be going to the new home, along with Freddy.

At Freddy’s previous home, the previous owners had their care of the chinchillas down to a science. They had a very good routine going. The chins got fed every morning at a certain time, they got their hay at the same time. The cage was cleaned at the same time on the same day. So on and so forth. As with many animals, chinchillas thrive on consistency, which unfortunately is not always so do-able here at the rescue. Depending on what else is going on, sometimes we feed in the morning, sometimes we feed at night, sometimes we clean on weekends, sometimes we clean during the week. It all gets done, but not with the same orderliness that Freddy was used to. Possibly as a result, Freddy is not nearly so nice and friendly to us, as she was to her previous owners. When I went to get her out of her cage today for pictures, I was greeted with being sprayed several times, as well as posturing and barking. In addition, several times that we have had her out to hold her and socialize her, she has taken to biting us, as well as potential adopters that she is unfamiliar with. These bites have not broken the skin, but are definitely done to let us know she is not pleased. Freddy is a girl that is going to require a lot of one-on-one interaction in order to build up trust. 

Her previous owners could hold her and pet her. With us, she has expressed that she’s not such a fan of that, but we believe this could improve, with more hands-on effort and maybe even some bribery by way of nice tasty healthy treats. She has her moments where she may even allow a scritch or two! So, we know there’s a nice chin inside, just waiting to come out!

She’s never bitten so hard as to draw blood, but she doesn’t hesitate to bite, so she is NOT a chin for a home with small kids. She is NOT a good “first chin” – but rather, she needs a chin-experienced home, or at the very least, someone who feels like being dropped in the deep end and learning how to swim very quickly. She likely won’t actually hurt anyone… she just needs to learn that you aren’t there to hurt her. Freddy is a beautiful chin and having seen how she was with her previous owners, we believe that she will bond with someone again, and be a great pet for someone again…. Just, with the right person who will devote the needed time and attention to her. If that is you, please let me know, as she’s not happy here, and we’d like to see her happy.

Freddy is being fed Mazuri chinchilla pellets and will come with a small baggie of those, a goodie bag of chews/treats, and a printed out version of our care packet. She will also come with a lifetime of help and support, should you ever need it. Of course, she also comes with a lifetime take-back policy (as all our chins do), should you decide that you are not the home for her. If more supplies are needed, we also sell a variety of chinchilla supplies, from cages to hidey houses to hammocks and everything in between.

Regardless of past chinchilla experience, all potential homes will be asked to read our chinchilla care packet and fill out our adoption application/chinchilla questionnaire. If you are unwilling to do this, please do not waste our time or yours. No chinchilla will go to a new home without an adoption application being filled out - no exceptions.

This chinchilla is located in Hammond, Indiana (zip code 46324). Because Freddy is coming with her cage and supplies, she cannot be shipped.

For reference, the cage that Freddy is coming with is this cage -- https://www.ferret.com/item/feisty-ferret-home/600999/

The adoption fee for Freddy (and her cage and supplies) is $150

10 Year Old Hetero Beige Female Chinchilla -- tear duct issues / allergies -- culled breeder

This female is currently being sponsored until January 13th by Carrie K.!  Contact us if you'd like to sponsor a chin!

This girl is a talkative one at times.  She came to us from a ranch where she wasn't breeding -- she is a culled breeder.  She was born in 2007, which makes her 10 years old!  She is energetic and wants to check everything out.  Not necessarily content to sit in your arms, she wants to see the world!  Anticipate playtime with this one, she has energy to spare!

She has a tear duct issue / allergies and has runny eyes.  Eye infections and teeth have been ruled out... she just has watery eyes.  Does not affect her daily life. 

Sweet girl, just energetic.  Has never bitten, though, we haven't really held her all that much, as she's more the playtime-type of chin, versus the holding-type.  Just needs a nice retirement home where she can have playtime.  Due to her age, no health guarantee.

Adoption fee -- $75

Crested Geckos!

Have you heard about the crested geckos that we got in, but haven't seen them anywhere?  Well, now they have their own page!  With 20 of them (and more coming after that), we didn't want to clutter this page with a million gecko pics... check them out here!

Some pics below, waaaay more on the gecko page.  Contact as usual (contact form, [email protected], 219-789-0026) if you want to adopt a gecko.  Gecko kits (housing and setup) available as well.

Degus & Other Small Animals

If you are looking to adopt degus, Heartland Small Animal Rescue, located near South Bend, IN, typically has some up for adoption.  They also may have guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and other small animals up for adoption.  Contact:

JoAnn Goss
Pocket Pet Coordinator
Heartland Small Animal Rescue
Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus also has small animals up for adoption.  Contact:
Director of Small Animals
Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus
[email protected]

Chinchillas & Critters ON HOLD

4.5 Month Old Dark Ebony Female Chinchilla 

Please note: this chinchilla is on hold

We have a dark ebony female chinchilla who’s looking for her new home. She came to NWI just a bit ago, and is now ready to leave and go to a family of her own.

She was born around 9/15/2017, making her right around 4.5 months old. Her color is called dark ebony, which means she is a dark black color all over her body, including her belly! Because she is an ebony, she does not have the white belly that you often see on chinchillas, but rather, she is the same color all over.

This girl is super sweet! She’s easy to scoop up out of the cage, and once you have her, she is just so chill! She does great with being handled and petted, and sits super nicely in your arms to be petted! Super chill and super sweet. We just love her to death! Probably goes without saying, but she doesn’t bite.

You may notice her ears look a bit dinged up… likely, one of her siblings was beating up on her, when she was still in with her mom. Her ears don’t look very pretty, but they are healed up, and her personality more than makes up for a little bit of tattered ears! The tattered ears will not affect her later in life.

She would make a great “first chinchilla” for someone who’s never had one before.

This chinchilla is currently caged alone. However, if you interested in pairing her up with your, or one of our, chinchillas, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The adoption fee for this dark ebony female chinchilla kit (baby) is $200

Please note: this chinchilla is on hold