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Breeding quality chinchillas and rescuing exotics since 2003.


Quotes I recently adopted "Dreamz" a female chinchilla for my 11 year old daughter. NWI Chinchillas, Ashley, is very caring, friendly, knowledgeable. Ashley takes her time to follow up on the animals she adopts out. I will definitely call Ashley if I ever choose to adopt another animal. I recommend Ashley and NWI Chinchillas to everyone. Sincerely Tom, Layla, and Dreamz (the chinchilla) Quotes
Tom, Layla, and Dreamz (the chinchilla)

Quotes My roommate and I adopted two rats from NWI Chinchillas and we are so happy. The rats are wonderful, and we had a great experience working with Ashley. She was communicative, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Thank you Ashley! Quotes
satisfied rat owner!

Quotes Just adopted two guinea pigs two weeks ago. They are healthy, happy, and now totally spoiled. Thank you for two wonderful little creatures of God. :) Quotes
Carolyn Johnson
2 guinea pigs

Quotes When our little Captain Jack passed away, I knew the best way to honor his memory was to give a home to another little rat. I found Buddy on Petfinder.com, contacted Ashley immediately, and I met Buddy that weekend. It is obvious that Ashley takes great care of all her animals and cares a lot about them, from the rats to the guineas to the chins. She gave me a lot of information about rats and she respected my prior knowledge about rat care. I'd definitely recommend NWI Chinchillas to anyone! Quotes
Rat momma

Quotes We were interested in chinchillas and definitely wanted to 'adopt'. We came to the right place! Ashley was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with us as my daughters and I asked our many questions. Ashley obviously has a big heart and a kind soul for doing all she does. An added convenience is that we were able to get everything we needed for our chinchillas from NWI Chinchilla Rescue. We are completely happy with Tabbouleh and Moon and never tire of their antics. They quickly became part of our family. We highly recommend NWI Chinchilla Rescue. Thank you, Ashley, for all your hard work. Quotes
Laura, Morgan, and Chloe
Three very happy chinchilla lovers

Quotes My 11 year old son had been wanting a pet so I steered him towards a guinea pig since they are such nice little animals. I found Ashley and photos of guinea pigs up for adoption on petfinder.com. All worked out well and we now have 2 possible sibling guinea pigs. Both are calm and friendly and like to be held. I highly recommend working with Ashley. She is very knowledgeable, caring and you can feel confident about the pets you adopt! Quotes
Cathy Cameron
Happy guinea pig owner!

Quotes We adopted a sweet Peruvian guinea pig last week, and the whole family is in love with her. I'm so grateful for Ashley's dedication to rescuing and caring for guinea pigs and chinchillas so people have an alternative to buying from a pet store. Ashley spent a lot of time with us answering our questions, and she certainly knows all about the creatures she cares for and loves them very much. I will definitely recommend NWI Chinchillas to anyone looking for a small and furry pet. Quotes
And guinea pig makes six

Quotes I was (pleasantly) surprised to receive an email from Ashley asking if I was still interested in adopting "Ivan"...a 5-month-old white male mosaic chin she had rescued. I was surprised as there were 4 people ahead of me on the wait list for this gorgeous little man. I adopted Ivan on 6/22/13. Ashley is amazing! She clearly loves all of her rescues and the non-rescues she owns/breeds. She is extremely knowledgeable and ready to answer all questions. I was firing off questions and would interrupt with another question before she could answer my previous one (sorry about that). Ashley was extremely gracious and made sure I was confident with my chin care comfort level before I left. Ivan is such a sweet, calm and confident little guy. Ashley obviously took great care of him... Thanks so much NWI Chinchillas!! Quotes
Michelle Couwenhoven
Thrilled to have a rescue chin!

Quotes This is a great place to adopt a pet. It's clear that Ashley takes good care of the animals and cares that they go to a good home. She knows about exotic pets and can answer any questions about caring for chinchillas, rabbits or other small critters. A++! Quotes
Larisa Burke
Rabbit and Chinchilla Owner

Quotes I found NWI Chinchilla Rescue while looking for a new member to enhance the life of my neice Selene. I was hoping to fine a cuddly, calm, loveable family member for her to love and find she needed and that needed her too. Ashley's description of Scooby was exactly that and when I met him he was all that she had stated. Ashley's knowledge and expertise of her rescue's and their needs and her ability to help her clients is amazing and can help put any questions at rest. I am so happy to have found NWI and feel extremely lucky to know that it is just a phone call or email away. Thank You Ashley for all you do! Audrey Mr. Softee's new Mommy and Believer that EVERYONE should RESCUE! Quotes
Audrey Chmura
Scooby a.k.a. Mr. Softee
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