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Quotes We adopted our beautiful sweet chinchilla from Ashely and he is just amazing. Ashley was so helpful and great at answering any questions I had. Her hammocks are just awesome, very well made, and our little boy just loves his. We are very happy we were able to adopt this little guy, although he now has adopted us (haha) - He has us all wrapped around his little paws : ) Thank you Ashley and NWI Chinchilla Rescue. Quotes
Thank you!

Quotes In June 2015, I adopted a 3 month old black velvet chinchilla from NWI Chinchillas. Working with Ashley was a great experience, and I'm so glad I found NWI Chinchillas! I did a trial week as this was my first chinchilla and really appreciated this unique opportunity that Ashley provided. Ashley made me feel comfortable with finding a cage and learning how to care for my chinchilla. I purchased most of my start-up supplies from NWI. It was great to set up a stimulating cage with shelves and a comfy hammock. I've also been able to stay in contact with Ashley for questions/concerns. My chinchilla has adjusted well over the past three months, and I feel like this is largely due to my experience with Ashley and NWI Chinchillas. Thanks so much! Quotes
Ebony's Best Friend

Quotes I found NWI Chinchillas through Petfinder and decided to look into their services more. The adoption process was very easy and Ashley made the experience extremely convenient. I saw the chinchilla I was interested in and she put him on hold for me. The little guy was waiting for me when I got there along with a bulk of supplies all nicely packaged together. I felt comfortable adopting from NWI chinchillas because Ashley obviously knows how to care for these animals and give them great lives until they are adopted into a new home. I would highly recommend adopting from NWI chinchillas and could not be happier with my new baby chin! Quotes
Sean H
Satisfied Chinchilla Owner

Quotes My experience adopting a chinchilla from NWI Chinchillas was nothing but positive. Ashley is extremely helpful and accommodating, and willing to do whatever it takes to make her customers happy. I also bought some bulk supplies from her, and the prices were very reasonable. It saved me a lot of money. She truly seems to know what she is doing, and I was very impressed by her handmade toys and treats. Extremely satisfied with every aspect of my experience. NWI Chinchillas has gained a customer for life :) (Would definitely recommend to all of my friends and family) Quotes
Taylor R.
Very satisfied customer

Quotes Clive and Amethyst are doing well in their new home. They both seem to be very happy and very healthy. Thank you Ashley for all of your help. Quotes

Quotes My daughter and I were looking for a chinchilla to adopt when we came across NWI Chinchilla's website. After a few emails back and forth to Ashley we decided to adopt Dr Pepper and Mr. Pibb.... They are wonderful! It was a 2 1/2 hour drive, but well worth it! Ashley was very knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had. She got back to us in a timely manner with answers to our questions. Her animals are well taken care of and I would definitely adopt from her again. Quotes
Michelle and Olivia Kieffer
Satisfied Chinchilla owner

Quotes We we're looking for a Guinea Pig and wound up with three! Ashley was very helpful and informative when we came in to see them for the first time and answered all of our questions. Our kids love them and the parents do too! It is great having them at such a young age. We've had them for a month and they are still smaller than the ones we see in the stores! Quotes
The Ennis Family
Happy Guinea Pig Family

Quotes Frito (Cisco) is doing fine. He's inquisitive, energetic, engaging and just a joy to spend time with. He is still on a treat/snack prohibition (he's not 6 mos. yet). So other than 4 plain Cheerios, 1 raisin, 2 rose hips, and about a half a dozen whole jasmine flowers he is treat/snack free. Cisco is also the most aggressive dust bather I've ever seen. I'm used to seeing 3 to 5 rollover - baths every three to four days, but this guy wont get out of the bath until he is good and ready. So After a couple of minutes or so of continuous rollovers I coax him out. He can get in quite a few rollovers in a couple minutes, and I don't want his skin to get too dry to where he's uncomfortable. He tolerates being held for up to 5 minutes without struggling to free himself; but he prefers his out time (run around outside of the cage time) So I make sure that he spends a good amount of time outside of his cage and I use the bath to retrieve him it's irresistible for him. Quotes
Len Maydwell
He's a good lil guy

Quotes we have had our first chinchilla for about two months now. He was a gift for our daughters 12th B-day. Ashley could not have been more Patient or Helpful. We were able to go for a couple of visits, while we decided on which Chin to take home. Ashley did not make us feel rushed or pressured, instead Ashley was Great about letting Camille hold several different Chins. until we found the right one for our family. It is Clear the Ashley does what she does for the Love of the animals. We are very grateful for the opportunity to adopt through NWI Chinchillas, and are now customers for life. Quotes
Michael F.
customer for life.

Quotes I bought my chinchilla named Gigi from Ashley. I could tell that she was well taken care of thanks to Ashley. I am so glad that I bought Gigi from her because she actually knew what she was talking about and was so knowledgeable not only about chinchillas but a lot of other animals as well. I was looking at pet stores to buy a chinchilla and I was asking them questions about them and they had to go look up all the answers to my questions...but Ashley knew all of them without looking any of it up. I could tell that she cared about all of her animals, its not just a "job" for her. It is a hobby. Ashley is very nice and I would buy an animal from her rather than anywhere else. And the best part is, she sells everything that you need right from her home. Everything she sells is reasonably priced, and you can even buy used items if your not able to afford it. Thanks Ashley!! Quotes
Shannon Abraham
Satified Chinchilla owner
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