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Quotes I adopted a previous chinchilla about a year ago. I realized that little Pierre needed a buddy. I kept searching and searching and eventually came across Northwest Indiana Chinchilla Rescue. Ashley knows everything there is to know about chinchillas. She made the adoption process very smooth and answered all answers questions I had. I eventually adopted Ghost. Ghost is an awesome chinchilla and clearly came from a good home. He gets along great with my pierre and has found his little herd. Ashley has dedicated her life to chinchillas and truly cares about rescuing chinchillas in need. Thank you so much Ashely. Happy Chinparent, Pat Quotes
Patrick Fallon
Proud Chinparent

Quotes I adopted my two girls (Lilo and Nani) about a month ago and couldn't be happier with my experience. Ashley helpfully answered all my questions and proved her expert knowledge and passion for the animals in her care. I also ordered a house, a couple shelves, and some dust from her and she had my order together almost instantly. When I went to her house to pick up the girls, I was very impressed with her layout. Even though she was over capacity at the time, the cages were clean, the room organized, and the chins themselves looked comfortable and healthy. I would happily recommend her and would go there again myself (although it'll be 10-15 years or so down the line :) ). Quotes
Proud momma of two

Quotes I have been searching a long time for a good wooden house for my two chinchillas. Most commercial products are held together with metal tacks that could injure a chinchilla or glue which could poison a chinchilla. Ashley built them a special house which is bigger, sturdier, and healthier than anything I could have found anywhere else. I am very greatful and I will be a repeat customer when my chinchildren someday finish destroying this one - although that will take years thanks to Ashley's craftsmanship! Quotes
Jacob Englander
happy father of two chinchildren

Quotes I ordered a ryerson water bottle & have been nothing but satisfied! Shipping was incredibly fast & the product was greatly priced. The package came entirely sealed & the water bottle was nicely protected in lots of bubble wrap. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my purchase & will definitely purchase again. :) Quotes
Extremely satisfied mom of one

Quotes I adopted a chin from a friend. I decided she needed a friend. Ashley was extremely helpful. She answered my bizzillian questions without pressure of adopting. Her place is clean and all her chins are well taken care of. I ended up adopting 3new friends for my girl and getting supplies. I highly recommend NWI! Quotes
Heather Spicer
Happy new chinmom

Quotes I adopted Chinchy from Ashley last September for my son's 10th birthday. I was very happy with the time Ashley took with me explaining the basics of chinchilla care. Ryan, Dean, and I are so pleased to have Chinchy as part of our family. Quotes
Satisfied Chinchilla mom

Quotes November 1st, 2015 we adopted a precious Dark Ebony Female Chin, we named her Zoey, and we absolutely adore her, we decided to get Zoey a cage mate about a month and half later, and we adopted a Silver Mosaic Female Chin, who we named Buttons. As pet owners, it was the best choice we could have possibly ever made, Ashley is very thorough, and very wonderful to adopt from. She takes such pride in caring for all of the animals, she makes the adoption process so easy. We will definitely be returning in the future Quotes
Super satisfied return customer

Quotes My family and I have gotten a total of four chinchillas and two Prarie dogs from Ashley. They are all healthy and full of life. Ashley was very helpful with the process of introducing our chinchillas and Prarie dogs. She is also open to answering any questions you may have via text, phone call, or in person. Ashley is very passionate about what she does and takes very good care of the chinchillas in her rescue. If you want a chin or small animal, this would be the place I recommend! Quotes
Courtney H.

Quotes i bought a chinchilla her name is salt from Ashley about month ago salt i becoming at home salt is so wonderful i love having her here i cant thank Ashley enough Quotes

Quotes I adopted my first chinchilla from Ashley in June of 2014. The NWI rescue is about a 3 hours round trip from where I live, but I liked Ashley and her rescue so much that a little over a year later, I went back and adopted another chinchilla. If anyone I know is researching on where to adopt a chinchilla, I always recommend Ashley. It is very clear she does what she does out of genuine love for the animals, and not for the money. Quotes
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